Pittsburgh Race Report

Those of you that know me know that I am the hardest on myself, the last person to ever give herself credit. For once, on my own little spot on the internet, I’m gonna pat my own back

I WON MY AGE GROUP, BITCHES!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, now that that is out of my system, down to business.

This weekend was the Pittsburgh Tri. This year, they broke the event into 2 days. Saturday was the Sprint race. Matt and I went down to spectate and support the members of the MTGS and TCs that were racing. It’s rare that I get to be on the cheering team, so I was really excited to see everyone in action. They did not disappoint!

We decided we like spectating WAYYY more than racing. More fun, less stress.

Sarah kicking ass to the finish line. She killed it! I’m not just saying that because I love her intensely. Look!

She got second place in her age group! Sarah is crazy good. This is her first year ever doing tris and has placed in every race she has done. I love this picture

Two future Ironmen (she just doesn’t know it yet). That is also her sweet pooch in the back round.

Letty also kicked ass! She just learned how to ride a bike last year! Her husband, Tim, and Sarahs husband, Jim, both used this race as their first! An exciting day.

Look how happy! I love happiness.

Congrats to all Mighty Tri Girls and Total Chaos guys that made Pittsburgh their bitch! It was really cool, the announcer guy kept saying “There’s another Mighty Girl, they’re everywhere!” A great day was had by all!

I know I would normally go into what I ate and did to prepare for my Olympic distance race on Sunday, but honestly, I didn’t have a plan and just kinda went with the flow. This was not an important race to me, the main goal was to just not get hurt and after my complete breakdown the day before Muncie, I knew I needed to back off myself mentally. We went to breakfast after the sprint race, took a nap, hung out, went to dinner (I had a delicious seafood pasta) and were in bed by 8:30. It was so nice to not freak out about every little detail for once. I know that I will be a crazy psycho bitch in NYC, so I’m glad I was able to relax and just chill before this race.

Woke up race morning at 5am. Transition was open from 5-6:30 but we were staying at a hotel right next to it, so I didn’t feel the need to be there when it opened. This totally goes against what I normally do and my routine, but again, this was a relax “race”. I was looking at it more as a workout. That’s all it was to me at that point. I had done this race twice before and it was my first Olympic distance race, so I felt comfortable with the course and knowing what I was getting into.  When I did get into transition, it was a horrid muddy mess from all the rain we had been having and those sprint jerks *jokes kids* junked it all up the day before. While I was setting stuff up and giving nasty looks to the girl with the Huffy next to me (bitch kept hitting my bike with her damn wal-mart special! I don’t think so sister) they announced that the race would be wetsuit legal. WHAT?! I didn’t even BRING my wetsuit! This race has never EVER ONCE been wetsuit legal and even the day before it wasn’t! I couldn’t believe it. I still think someone screwed up, but whatever. Normally, this would send me of the edge, but I was strangely OK with it. Again (I know Im saying this a lot, but it’s the true) I wasn’t “racing” I was practicing and being safe. As luck would have it, my sister hadn’t left her house yet and my mom came up with the fantastic idea to use her wetsuit (my old one). Baby Amy saves the day! I was putting it on walking to the swim start, but I had a wetsuit. Hooray for a fantastic support system!

Right before our group headed to the swim start, Sue pulled me aside and said “I think you could so really, really well today. Get on it and show everyone how hard you’ve worked. Make me proud.” WHAT THE FUCK, SUE?! THIS was NOT the game plan. Cue freakout. I went over to Matt and started panicking. I could NOT let Sue down, but my goal was not to “get on it” It was to have a clean swim, safe bike and run. Jesus. He is so good at talking me down. As much as he drives me crazy sometimes, he reassured me just to race my race and be safe, thats what was most important. I felt better, but still stressed.With all this going on in my head, I headed into the water.

Swim- True confession. I fucking hate this swim course. Every year I have done it I miss bouyes and mess it up. My goal this year was to stay on course and be under a half hour. (I also had private goal of beating someone out of the water. Goal Completed :D) The current was really cranking, so I knew if I did decently up stream, coming back down would be cake. The dude yells go, so I do. 21:56 later, I’m out of the water. Holy shit. I couldn’t believe that number when I saw it on my Garmin. My official swim time was longer than that, but the run up to transition is stupid. I was pumped to get out of water the fast and even better I stayed on course! My swim felt good and strong the whole time, I never really pushed it, just went at a decent yet comfortable clip. I was pleased.

As I came out of the water, my dad yelled at me that Matt was about 2 minutes ahead of me. Hot damn! Swim has always been his weakest sport and even last year he could barely do it. I was so happy for him, but that asshole wasn’t beating me. (Side note: he started 5 minutes before me). Our eyes locked in transition and the race was on. We have gone over this again and again, how it would play out if we were even on the bike and run. Now it was time to see. He made it out of transition before me, but I wasn’t worried.

Bike-This bike ride is challenging in a weird way. You round around the stadiums (which is cool) but then you go on the HOV lane up a 5 mile hill to a turn around then come back down. You do that twice. The hill is a steady grade so you just have to sit back and give it hell. Then enjoy your ass off and the beautiful view of the city as you come back down. As I was going up the lane, about 1.5 miles in, I passed Matt. We exchanged some good natured banter and I was off. I was trying to keep count of women as I went up the hill and was totally flabbergasted to see that I was around 6 or 7th overall. I figured I had just missed some and put it out of my head. All in all the bike ride went better than it ever had and I felt fresh coming into transition. For nutrition I had Gatorade in my aero water bottle and did one gel on the second climb. Turned out that was perfect, YAY for all those hilly centuries paying off!

(90% of these photos are Sarahs. Thanks for the documentation, lady. Hope you don’t mind me stealing!)

When I entered T2, I ran down my row and couldn’t find my space. WTF. Dumbass me came down the wrong row. And huffy girl either didn’t make it out of the water or was still swimming because her bike was now laying on top of my area, with her stuff being untouched. Bitch. That cost me some time, but I switched to run mode asap.

My legs felt great and I headed out at a pretty fast clip. It was very similar to Muncie, being that I felt really good going that pace, but didn’t want to burn out later in the run. I just kept hacking at it and before I knew it I was at the turn around. I was clicking off 7:48 per mile average, which is the fastest I have EVER run. I felt great and it was shaping up to be a great day. About a half mile past the turn around, I saw Matt. He clearly was having an awesome day, too. He looked at me and yelled “I’m coming to catch your ass!” I yelled back with a “In your dream, ass.hole!” And it was off to the races. Honestly, it wasn’t, I kept up that same crazy fast yet strangely comfortable pace the rest of the time. Again, I was kinda keeping track of how many women were in front of me, but I was more surprised when the race WINNERS were coming down the final stretch as I was headed out. I’ve never seen them before and that was really cool to yell for them as they kicked ass. Again, before I knew it, BOOM! Finish Line.

Here is my final break down


Jeannette, PA
Club: Might Tri Girls
Finish Time: 2:26:48
Overall Placement: 77 / 358
Division: F25-29
Bib Number: 315
Points Earned: 5

Split Detail

Split Distance Time Rank Pace/Rate
Swim 1500 Meters 0:23:07 55
T1 0:01:50 120
Bike 40K (25 Miles) 1:12:06 93
T2 0:01:41 198
Run 10K (6.25 Miles) 0:48:02 95


It was shortly after Matt finished just a few minutes behind me that my mom came running over to me crying that I had won my age group! Honestly, it didn’t sink in. It really didn’t until my run today and I realized that people next year will be looking at MY time to get an idea of what they would have to do to get the top spot. Thats crazy and really really cool. A few more photos of the after glow:

Name twins, Day two. Switched places

My parents. My dad never gets to see me race so it was cool for him to be there for such a great one.

Top of the podium and world. Shout out again to Sarah for being a true friend and teammate and lending me her MTG bike jersey for the awards. I always race Pittsburgh as a Total Chaos because this race was originally only for the boys, but Sue let me do it the first year two. So it’s tradition that I wear that uniform. When I found out I won, I wanted to have our girl on. Sarah generously offered to switch me shirts while I got my award. She put on my nasty stanky tri jersey. What a gal, that one.

Top of the page! 🙂

Back of my medal. Anyone else over me being all about it? I’m almost done.

After the race, we had lunch with the team and then Matt, Sarah, Amy, Baby Jon and Maren (she was in town for a wedding and stayed an extra day to day drink with us. LOVE HER) bar hopped in the South Side. It was a great day and I have amazing friends. I suck though because I have no photos of this. Minus two points for lack of documentation.

It truly was a great day. I have no other words or explanation for it. Everything just fell into place and I performed better than I ever thought possible. It’s really cool when you impress yourself, and that doesn’t happen with me. I would be lying if I said this didn’t add another layer of anxiety to Ironman. Did I peak too soon? Am I do for a bad race? Every race this year has been clean and I’ve performed well and nailed nutrition. Are the wheels gonna fall off in New York? God I hope not. Some of these things I can control, others I can’t. I just have to hope for the best and do what I can do have another great day. I am excited and ready. I have never been so nervous for something i my life, especially since we LEAVE in a WEEK from tomorrow. Woof. The work is done. I have proven to myself that I have worked hard and Sue has given me all the tools to excel at this goal. Now its up to me and fate to get it done. I am on a high. Sue emailed me that I “look every bit the athlete I am” and I haven’t stopped smiling since. I may not have a six pack, but that isn’t the chunky girl from January standing up there, it’s Iron Sayya!




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  1. Love your recap!! Sooooo proud of you! Can you email, Facebook, text, or some way get me that picture of me? I can’t figure out how to save it!!

    You are so awesome and I wish I could come Monday night to celebrate with you but a friend is visiting from Florida! 😦

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