Random Thoughts

Just a few things I want to throw out there in no particular order.

– For the first time all year, I got light headed after my BRICK. It was my own stupid fault. One, I wore a bike jersey instead of just a tank top like I normally would have worn because I thought it was gonna be cool and rainy. Wrong. It was hot, humid and sunny. Thanks a lot, weather man. I also don’t think I drank and ate enough. Idiot. How long have we been at this? I think I just under estimated the workout. It was a 40 min bike then 30 minute run, twice. In that time I drank a bottle of water and a bottle of gatorade and one gel. I felt fine while doing it, just after when I was standing there talking to Matt  I got all loopy. Stupid Sayya.

-FYI, that was the last brick. Woof. Can’t believe it. Final brick picture. Mr. Crankypants is glad the picture taking is over.

-My swim this morning sucked. I just wasn’t feeling it and it was a LOOOOONG time to be in the pool. Glad thats over

-Hip is super sore today. Coco stretched the shit out of it yesterday. I love that man, he makes it hurt so good. Other things that are annoying: my shoulder when I ride, my right foot arch just randomly sometimes, and thats it. None of this is horrible or holding me back, my body is just saying “Hey asshole, take it down a notch.”

-Sunday I will be doing another century ride. Hopefully Sue and Matt and Sarah will get to join me for some of it. That will be my last long workout. Holy crap this is coming up fast.

-When did that little countdown hickey switch to days? *Gulp*

-My basset hound is cute

We got a pool. Tuesday turned into an impromptu all day pool party. Needless to say, my 3 drinks a week thing went out the window in like, ummm, an hour.
Also at this point I guess its time to fess up that I realized that even with the weight I’ve lost, I did not reach my goal of being an “after photo” I am still embarrassed and uncomfortable in a bikini. This was really hard to deal with. I worked so hard, I wonder if I could have done more. It sucks not reaching goals. This chapter of my journey isn’t over, I just wish I felt better about myself.

-Down side of weight loss? I had to buy new bras, as my other ones could have held both of my boobs in one cup. I am no officially an A. That’s disgusting. 8 year old boys have bigger racks than I do. I should just cut my losses and get a boob job and lipo and call it a day.

-I have been thinking about ideas of part time jobs I could do to help make some money and meet new people and get me the hell out of this house. I have come up with what might be a good idea, but I have to do some research. I’ll leave it at that for now.

-I have to go to two bridal showers tomorrow. Shoot me. I wish I could force my friends to buy me shit because I’m doing IMNY. That’s way harder and more of an accomplishment than getting married. Whoever came up with the idea of a registry should be shot. “YAY can’t wait to spend a shit ton of money I don’t have on a gift you picked out to celebrate you making a horrible life decision”. Sorry, I’m on the bitter bus today.

-I want it to stop raining so I can go get my tan on! All my workouts are done for the week, now I’ve got to work on my vacation tan!

-Thanks to all who have voted for where my Mdot should go. Voting is still open. Go team forehead!

-Have a wonderful weekend


One Comment on “Random Thoughts”

  1. Sarah Rae says:

    “YAY can’t wait to spend a shit ton of money I don’t have on a gift you picked out to celebrate you making a horrible life decision” = epic and why we are friends.

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