Here we are kids, the last build week of IMNY training. I can’t believe its here. Lots of mixed feelings about it. I (and my body) are relieved that we are coming to an end. On the other hand, I dont know if I feel ready. I know that I probably am and I am in the best shape of my life, but there are always the “what ifs” I think this is just all apart of the process.  There will be a gradual decline in training, meaning there is still work to be done, but after this week, it’s all down here from here. Crazyness.

I don’t really have a lot to report. I was feeling overly tired this week but luckily we weren’t busy at work so I was able to nap and rest myself in between workouts. I am feeling much better today, but the last few days were just rough. All of the workouts went well, they just seemed harder than they should have. I would say that my BRICK went the best, until I got home. I felt like crap. I’m assuming I messed my nutrition up and was overly tired. I was just glad I was home and able to lay around while I felt so crappy and it wasnt while I was on the bike or run. Speaking of, I did something during that workout that I’ve wanted to do all season. It was a 4 hour ride and 1.5 hour run. I was going to do the twin lakes loop a few times and then run around the lakes so I would get to see the group before their ride. Unfortunately, as I got onto the route, a lot of the roads were “tar and chipped” (a really shitt method they use to fix roads around here.) It’s a bitch to ride on and not very safe as some of the gravel was really soft, plus every time I heard little rocks hitting Cervelo, I cringed. I got to Hempfield Park and decided I was going to ride to my house. It was only like 4 more miles and the one kinda main road I would be on was for less than a mile and there is a really wide berm. It was a lot of fun and I felt really bad ass that I finally did the ride I’ve always talked about doing. I feel much more confident in my cycling, more than I ever have. It will be interesting to see if I turn into one of those people that goes out and rides for fun in the off season. I never have before, but I’m really loving it so maybe now I will.

Other than that, which was just a rambling story. I got nothing. I watched Kona while I was on my trainer today. Instant diarrhea. My mom bought the ferry passes for all the cool people that are coming to watch us, so that is exciting and makes it more real. Matt and I’s new favorite thing is to say what we will be doing in a month. In a month from right now I will be drunk on a beach in Turks & Caicos. Amen to that.

Oh! Since this post is kinda lacking. Let’s do a poll. As you may or may not know, once you complete an Ironman, you are entitled to an “M-Dot” tattoo. I have about an 85% idea of where I want it, but I want YOUR input! Vote here as to where you think I should get my M-dot:

I hope that worked. IDK what I just did. If it didn’t, leave your thoughts in the comment section.

Also for your viewing pleasure, here is a link to all my photos from Munice. http://www.finisherpix.com/search.html

Have a good week, friends!

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