Muncie Race Report

This is going to get really long so if you are at all interested in this. Get comfy.

Thursday- We pulled out of Matts house around 10:30 and headed to our hotel in Richmond IN. Matt used to live there a few years ago, so it was an easy drive and nothing to exciting to report besides frequent stops to refill water and pee. We were both hydration hounds all weekend. When we got there we had some dinner and just relaxed the day away. Nothing really to do except talk about how hot it was.

Friday- Slept in a little, had breakfast, headed to the expo.

Portion of the bike course. Flat and corn, just like I was expecting.

When we got to the registration/ packet pick up area, we were greeted with a sign that said all start times had been moved up 30 minutes. This made sense and we all figured something would be done about the heat. Making the race earlier and adding more aid stations seemed like a good way to help athletes beat the heat. We were happy with the decisions being made. The expo was ok. They had the normal amount of IM stuff that you HAVE to have. I showed some restraint though, as I would rather have more IMNY crap than Munice. I came away with a tee shirt that had our names on it, a beer glass, a water bottle, and an adapter for my CO2 cartridge. The race site was about 20 minutes from the expo and we didnt have enough time to make it back before the 2PM meeting, so we just hung out and dicked around at the expo. Drank lots. I was 102 that day with a forecast of 107 for race day. Woof.

Pro Panel Table (we didn’t stay for it)

Bored waiting for meeting.

The two oclock meeting started with the race director coming up to the mic and saying there was no way around it, due to the extreme temps forcasted for the next day, they were shortening the course to a modified Olympic: 1 mile swim, 30 mile bike, 6.2 mile run. He smiled. Everyone thought he was joking with us. He wasn’t. A lot of grumbling and protesting starts. Also, the water was 88 degrees so no wetsuits allowed. Matt and I just looked at each other with looks of disbelief. We had been training to do well and we’re so excited to see what we could do. Not to mention, we altered our IMNY training around this race, and now it all seemed like a waste. I felt really bad for people that spent a lot of money to fly and stay there and also for those who chose this as their first half. Such disappointment. After the meeting, we headed to the race sight to see where everything was and the lay of the land.  To be honest, we were bitching up a storm at this point. No one was happy about the decision and all the athletes we talked to agreed that we understood why the WTC (World Triathlon Corp.) made the decisions, as people could get hurt, but the option of doing the distance should not have been taken away. A lot of us were pumped to race in the heat and looked at it as a bad ass addition to an already challenging day. Needless to say, it was not the same excited feel at the race sight like there normally is.

Matt at his rack spot

My rack spot

Swim Exit.

Sweating balls at the race site. Representing IMNY.

We decided to not rack our bikes until race morning. Again, it was over 100 degrees and neither of us wanted to walk into transition race morning and have blown tires.

We left the race site and went to get a late lunch/ early dinner. Since the race was no shorter than our workout distances, it didn’t seem as important to stick to a strict plan. We went back to our hotel room and just hung out and talked about our feelings about the change and how we were going to attack this race. Around 7 oclock, I had a nervous break down. It started from me saying we had to go eat, even though we had just eaten and weren’t hungry. And it exploded into a screaming match between Matt and I (I have never EVER EVER heard him yell or have seen him get mad before). Honestly, it was embarrassing. I was BAWLING my eyes out and couldn’t stop crying and nothing he said or did helped. After about 30 minutes of sobbing in the bathroom, I realized what was going on. I felt as though I had lost control of everything I had worked so hard for. I know this is extreme and overly dramatic but this is honestly what was going on in my head. I felt like I had worked so hard to lose the weight and get faster to do well at races and now it was all getting shit on. For whatever reason, the straw that broke the camels back was that we weren’t gonna eat a normal “pre race dinner”, even though I didn’t want it (if you’re a female reading this, you’ll understand). The change of our training week and the shortening of the race (that honestly seemed like a waste of time at that point) all just stressed me out so much and I felt like I was ruining everything I had worked so hard for. I spent all that time making a detailed race weekend plan and not one thing went as I had planned so far. What a waste and stressor. I have never had a break down like that over a race before. Again, I was super embarrassed but once I explained all this to Matt (as best I could thru sobbing tears) I think he felt bad for me and tried to understand how much this meant to me. Remember a few months ago I said my workouts and eating are the only things in my life right now that I can control. In a few hours, without meaning to, both of those things were altered without my control. I know, overly dramatic, but it just all got to me. Sorry if this part is really rambling and all over the place, I’m just trying to explain it the best I can. After I settled down, we talked to Sue (she had no idea this went on. I’m gonna get an email or phone call now. This is why I was so quiet when you called.) and got all of our race stuff ready for morning. The routine soothed me and I went to bed feeling better. Such a crazy day for what turned out to be such a little race.


We woke up at 3am. Transition was now opening at 4:30 and we knew it took about 45 minutes to get there from our hotel. We pulled into the parking lot at 4:17. I was so proud of Matt. He is usually SOOOO pokey, but he wanted to try and help me as much as possible and knew it was important to me to get there early, so he sucked it up and did it for me. It was really nice. Yay for him. So we get to transition, rack, drink, poop (twice for me) and just wait around,

Hanging out in transition. Notice the darkness, it was 94 degrees.

My transition spot.

Now, finally, I will get to the actual race. Sorry for the long way around.

I started the swim in the position I wanted to and I felt strong the whole time. I tried to draft off a girl in my wave, and sometimes it seemed to be working, other time I would pass her for a little and we would leap frog. Before the first turn bouy, I was mixed in with some of the earlier waves that went off and that made me feel good. My new times goal was 30 minutes for the mile swim. I have never been able to break a that goal and I felt I had a good chance at it this race. Honestly, the swim was pretty uneventful, no real kicks or water intake episodes to talk about, I just felt trying to tell myself to push it since it was a short swim and it felt good. I was really really hoping to make my goal. With about a hundred yards to go to the exit, this little light blue cap comes flying up along side me and I realize this girl has been drafting me the whole time and now wanted to beat me into the chute. Oh no, honey. Flattered, but no. We flat out RACED to the shore where she made the critical mistake of standing up too soon. I swam until my hands hit sand and jumped out of the water. I’m assuming I beat her in, but it was really hard to tell. My swim time was 31:45, 26th in my age group. I was really disappointed but other people in the run to transition were saying that they thought the swim was long. IDK if it was, but I was still bummed. I felt like I had a strong swim so I just can’t figure out why my time was so slow. It has to be a mental thing. I want Sue to work with me on this.

T1 went fine and I was super stoked that only one bike was gone on my section of rack. I headed out on the bike and right away took a huge swig of my fitmixer aminos and a beef jerky stick. I knew I wasn’t going to stick to my 300 calories an hour plan, as I didn’t need to now, but it was hot and I wanted to give myself a good shot at making up time on the bike. I loved the bike. It was different than any course around here. Just flat and fast, no wind. I was blowing by people right and left and loving it. I did take a gel on the bike, but I didn’t pay attention to when, I just took it about half way. I also drank all of my aminos and most of my gatorade. I didn’t take anything from the aid stations as I didn’t need it and at that point I was really pushing myself to see what I could do. I’ve never gotten to really “open up” Cervelo for a long period of time, so it was great to be in an aero position just flying mile after mile. The course was horribly congested at points due to them shortening it. Same amount of people on a shorter course just didn’t allow for it to thin out. When it was open, I was doing 22 mph without much effort, when it was crowded, i had to drop to 17ish, which was a bummer, I wanted my average MPH to be over 20. I got caught up in a group with two badass guys with disks, an older dude that was crazy fast, and a girl with an older model P3. We all kinda packed together and passed people and leap froged eachother and talked about how crowded that part of the course was. I looked at my garmin and we we’re clipping away at 28MPH! It felt fine but I had to tell myself to slow up so I had some legs for the run. I have never cycled at that speed for any length of time and then tried to run, and I knew in a race was not the time to try it. As much as I didn’t want to, I slowed up (to around 23 MPH) and let those guys go ahead. I was bummed, but knew it was the right decision if I wanted to have a decent run. A few minutes after I lost them, this chick on a ghetto QR clung unto my wheel and just hung out there. I could not shake this bitch! I would speed up to lose her and as soon as I would slow back down, she was right back on my ass. There were some guys passing me yelling her number and telling her to knock it off and what was she doing. IDK why she choose me, but it was uber annoying. Anytime I wanted to pass someone, I had to look to make sure I wasn’t going to run into her. Thankfully, the race officials came around and stopped her for a drafting penalty. They were being super easy on the drafting things because the course was so congested that you honestly couldn’t help it at times, but as they were riding next to us they told her that she has been doing it for miles and she needed to stop. It was awesome. I felt bad ass that someone drafted me, but it was annoying and I’m glad she got a penalty. The last half mile of the bike was super slow because of the re-route. Speed was slowed down and that was annoying. I was pleased to find out that my bike time for 30 miles was 1:18:06 and my avg MPH was 23.05 which bumped me up to 12th in my age group. Yay!

T2 was awesome because I was the first bike back on the rack. I love that. It has only happened like twice and never in a big race like this. It’s the little things that give confidence.  I quickly put my running shoes and hat on and headed out. As I left T2, the 5th female overall was finishing and only a trickle of the pros were coming from the other direction, so that was cool. The run course was surprisingly more rolly than I had thought it would be. Nothing bad, just not what I was expecting. Anywho, leaving transition, I felt like I was barely moving but my garmin said my speed was 8.2. I assumed it was just adjusting from my bike speed and was fully prepared for it to drop to like 5 something. My legs didn’t really feel heavy, it was just that I didn’t feel like they were moving. I was shocked to see that I really was averaging  8:30 mile after mile. It was awesome. I didn’t walk thru the aid stations, but I did take something at everyone. Sometimes it was ice, or a cold sponge, or water or gatorade, anything I could get my hands on. They were every half mile, so I never got overly hot or thirsty.  I kept pulling empty plastic bags out of my shorts and top that just a few minutes ago were filled with ice, thats how hot it was. I guess I am just really lucky that it doesn’t seem to bother me, as I never felt woozy or over heated. Yes I was hot, but nothing crazy. At the turn around of the run, people started dropping like flies. It was scary and crazy all at the same time. I was just happy to keep moving. As I was running, I kept adjusting what I wanted my finish time to me. At the start of the day, it was 2:55, after the bike, I figured that would be do-able as long as my run was ok. I went faster on the run than I thought I could which is such an awesome feeling. I love that my body knows to turn it on for a race and I hope it continues. My goal was then 2:50. As I came down the chute, I adjusted my hat and shirt ( gotta look good for the cameras) and finished my race with a time of 2:47:29, 12th in my age group.

If you want to see the official breakdown of times and all that crap, here is the link to my finishers page

Granted, I didn’t know all the times and rankings when I was done, but I felt like I finished strong. I have to say, I could have done more, but I really grinded out that bike and run, so to do the half distances at that pace probably wouldn’t have happened, but it felt awesome to feel as good as I did after the amount of effort I put out. I PR’d my Olympic distance :).

I waited at the chute for Matt to finish, I beat him. By a lot. Again. 😀


Then we started drinking.

This post is long enough. I think I covered everything I wanted to. Sorry for how long and drawn out this was and if you made it this far, nose tap. I’m happy with how I did, but still upset and stressed that it wasn’t a half and I wont know how all my long distance training and nutrition plan is working. We have about 3 more weeks of hard training, then it’s taper time. I can’t believe it.



One Comment on “Muncie Race Report”

  1. AlisaAllen says:

    Girl! You’re still an Ironman in my book and seriously, it’s okay to have a mental break down. You HAVE to have them or you’ll DIE! No, seriously, seriously, it’s good for the soul. At least you recognized it. Very proud of your accomplishments! ps. The before and afters….. yaaaooowwww!!! You looky good!

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