More updates

This will probably be the last post until after Muncie. I wont be taking my computer and I wont really have a lot of time to do much bs’ing anyway. So before I head off on my first big race of the season, I wanted to catch up on what I should have been doing all along.

My current weight fluctuates between 123 and 125 which brings my total lost to 37 lbs is. I feel great about this, but alas, not the body I want. I just dont have the time or luxury to do the crazy weight training I would need to do in order to have that body. Also, I have nasty saggy skin. Not cute. Hopefully over time I will get the body I want perhaps 7 months just isn’t enough time. I still need to hit that 120 number to feel that I did what I set out to do. I have been a little more liberal with my eating and drinking. Where I used to be very restricted, I allow myself some splurges every now and again because I know I am burning enough calories so that it wont be a big deal.

I have learned a lot about food and what is in things during this journey that I now feel I have the tools to make healthy decisions forever. Yes, of course some times I am going to want mac and cheese out of a box. Honestly, I think that’s ok once it a while. It wont become a normal staple in my diet like it was. My body actually craves lighter, clean foods now. Granted, the hot summer might be assisting in that, but I would much rather have fruit and veggies (now with dip) instead of chips or french fries. After a long hard workout, I do crave a juciey burger and will indulge in that if possible. Other than that, clean eats all the way. Yay for me.

Some photos (shout out to Amy for using her bedroom, better lighting)

Before: 5 months ago



Ok. Can’t lie, when I was looking at old pictures to do this with, I didn’t see much of a difference. Now that they are side by side, I can see I’ve lost a lot, but it doesn’t look like oh, say, 20 lbs? Maybe the vision in my head is skewed.

That’s unflattering angle.

My butt is saggy, but at least it isn’t as big.

So there you have it kids, some before and afters. Someday, MAYBE if it tighens up, we’ll do a bikini shot. Don’t throw up. My stomach currently is a weird mass up of skin and hip bones with a patch of stubbon fat pooch. Again, TOTALLY don’t know why I am single.

Some other stuff.

I have one more workout tomorrow before Muncie. Originally, we we’re going to train hard right through the race, but Sue decided it would be better for us to back off a little the week before and hopefully have a really kick ass, confidence boosting race. Right back at it on Monday. Last night, we had a bonding ride, just the two of us. It was a blast, we hardly ever get one on one time anymore and it was fun to gage my progress. Before the ride, I practiced changing  my tires and put my race tires on. Long story short, they are a bitch and I hope to God I never have to do it in a race.

Ironbeers after our 25 mile ride. It was a blast. I’m so lucky that Sue is more than my coach, she is my friend. Awe.

Tonight I am going to a Rodger Waters concert. What? I dont know. Tomorrow is the 4th I have a swim/run brick and then thats it. Leaving early Thursday Am, will be hope Sunday at some point. Race is Saturday! You can track me during the race at by searching my name (I don’t have my race number yet). Hopefully I will have lots of good things to say when I get back. Hope for a PR!


Skinny bitch.

One Comment on “More updates”

  1. betty says:

    i dont care what you say.. you look amazing! please help me get myself together! haha and i love your basset pic on your mirror!

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