Finally a decent recap

Hello, friends.

I am finally in a decent mood today!! I’m glad to be out of that funk, at least I hope I am out of it. There is nothing worse then being negative in your own head. I have A LOT I want to cover so warning this could get pretty long and boring, so feel free to skip around. We’ll go with a title/story theme for this post so that the four of you that read this can pick and choose what you would like to catch up on 🙂 Also, I will start covering nutrition when I go over my long workouts. You’re welcome.


I didn’t touch on this the other day because I was cranky and didn’t feel like it. On Tuesday, I did my 2:45 minute run, longest time ever. Here’s what happened:

At 2:45 I was at 18.79 and I thought, Shit Sayya, just go to 19. My average pace was 8:46 min/mi. I was extremely happy with that. Only one mile I was over 9 min mile and that was when I stopped to switch water bottles. No lie, my legs were SORE for a few days after that. It felt good the whole time and I wasn’t trying to run fast, I was just running where I felt comfy. The great part is that I totally felt like I could run another 7 at that pace. Yay for positive running vibes. Nutrition for this run went as such: Breakfast about 40 minutes before fun (Trader Joes Blueberry Museli, Chobani yogurt and banana). I ran with a bottle of water on me for the first 11.5 miles and during that time I took a gel at 1 hour, half a bag of chomps at 1.5 hours and then finished that bag at hour 2. When I got to my car at that 11-ish mile mark, I grabbed my bottle filled with Grape Fitmixer Aminos and ran with that for the rest of the time. 2:30 I took another gel. Total calories consumed: 430. Good stuff.



Woof. Ok, no honestly. It wasn’t that bad. Mile 71 and 86 I was over it, they really sucked for some reason, but besides that, I felt good the whole time. Let’s break it down and recap.

Route- I did the “full twin lakes” for the first portion of my ride. For those of you who are unfamiliar, it is a 21.5 mile loop that has two decent flat sections, mostly rolling hills and the extra section is super hill, with both long grades and short very steep climbs. After doing that one time, I went out, did it again but repeated the hilliest part of the course to add up to 50 miles when I got to my car. After a pee break, I saddled back up and went out to the short course turn around (Forbes Rd. post office) and did lap on the two flat sections for 10 miles each. This got me to my car at 80 miles. I then headed back out and just jacked around on the course and dicked around for 20 miles with the group. I purposely set it up so I was riding at the heat of the day (97. yeah. suck it) and that I would be with the group for the last part of my ride. There is nothing as uplifting as a friendly face. My total time, including 3 water stops, waiting for traffic and all that crap was 6:15. I would have loved to be close to 6, but for the course I was on and the traffic and crap, I was really really happy. My average was 16 miles/hr. Not stealer by any means, but I’ll take it for my first one. Also, I found out the Garmin will go to 100 miles 🙂

Nutrition: On my bike I had H2O in my aero water bottle, Gatorade on my down tube, and fitmixer amino in my rear cage. I just took liquid calories for the first hour, as I had a Subway Grilled Chicken with avocado footlong for lunch. Well most of it, I couldn’t finish it. At the one hour mark, I took a gel and at 1:15 I ate a stick of beef jerky. What?! Yep. Beef Jerky. Sue has been telling us that we need to be taking in salt during our rides, but I am really sensitive to sodium (I swell up like a freaking balloon right away) and the thought of pure salt grosses me out. I came up with the idea to get the “From the Jar” stick of beef jerky to snack on when I need some salt, but it’s packed with protein and DELICIOUS! I love them and give myself a nose tap for coming up with it. By 1:30 ish I was back at my car and needed to refill my water. That was my first clue how hot it was. I wasn’t planning on stopping to reload until 50 miles, but I needed water. Good thing I always take extra. At 1:30, liquid calories. I pretty much stayed with the on the hour gels or blocks, 15 minutes and 45 minutes would be a jerky stick and liquid calories mixed in with water. At 50 miles, I peed and ate a banana and downed what extra Gatorade was left in the bottle that didn’t fit in my water bottle.  I felt great the whole time until mile 89 when I started feeling that horrible bonking feeling. I quickly downed a gel and BOOM I was back. I really tried to pay attention to exactly what I ate when, but it all started to run together. All I know is that I felt like I was on top of it and my system works for me . Rough total calories consumed: 6 bottles of water, 4 bottles of Gatorade (360cal) two bottles of fitmixer (100 cal), 6 gels or blocks (I switched between them) (600 calories) and beef jerky (150 cal) 1 banana (120 cal) = 1,130 calories which averages about 200 calories an hour. Sue wants me around 300 so I need to find ways to add more in. I felt good with the 200 but when it hit me I would have to run marathon after that in IMNY, I got stressed out. I DID NOT want to run. I reminded myself that the run wasn’t the goal that day and it was the first time riding that distance. I often have to talk my ass off the ledge. I will definitely work on adding more calories as to properly full myself for the run.

Closing notes on the century: Dr. Coco is Jesus. I am convinced. Yes, my shoulder was tight and not perfect, but for 100 miles it felt amazing. I got a random cramp in my left hip flexor but I worked that shit out. Also, my soft tissue was a little swollen. It had every right to be. All in all, first century was a success. After Glow:



Let’s talk about how I haven’t talked about Muncie at all. It’s like the forgotten race. A week from today, I’ll be doing the half in Indiana as a practice race for IMNY. How far I’ve come in a year that a half is now just practice. Anyway, in preparation for the BIG race, Sue wants me to put together a detailed plan for the race this weekend. I am going to share it here, feel free to skip it if you are bored. Sue I will email you a copy so that you can comment as needed.

Thursday- We are planning to leave around 9am. This means we will leave sometime before 10. I love Matt dearly, but his pokeyness drives me up a freaking wall. I’ve learned to pick and choose what I bitch about, because when it is really important to be on time (aka race morning) he is better. According to Matt, it will take 5.5 hours to get there. I have no idea how accurate that is. Lets plan on getting in late afternoon. We will check into our hotel, go grocery shopping for race day foods and relax. There is nothing race related on Thursday, we just both don’t like to travel the day before the race.

Friday- Unfortunately, the hotel we’re staying at is 45 minutes away from transition. I am not overly OK with that, but I know Matt will listen to me and be on time when I say we are leaving. So on Friday, we are going to find the best and quickest way to get to the race site. There we will check in and get a lay of the land. Depending on heat weather conditions, we may or may not rack our bikes that day. It is supposed to be in the mid 90s all weekend. Woof. There is a meeting at 2, then assuming we will be done getting familiar with the race site, we will head back to the hotel to relax and do race eve rituals. Numbers on helmets, laying everything out, triple checking the checklist, sleeping with chip on, all that fun stuff. Food wise: I will be packing my yogurt, Museli and fruit to eat for breakfast on Friday. For lunch and dinner I will find something high protein, medium carbs, healthy fats. Chicken wrap maybe (with salt!). Also, water water water and aminos aminos aminos. I love that stuff. In bed by 9.

Saturday: Timeline:

3:15am -Wake up, get ready.

4am- Leave hotel

4:45am-Arrive at transition

5am-Transition opens

5-6:30- set up transition, check everything 8 times, body marking, make friends with people racked next to me so they don’t mess with my shit, judge other athletes based on bikes and body size, dick around and get real nervous.

6:30- Breakfast of whole wheat bagel, peanut butter, and banana. Also, a protein shake I will bring with me. Lots of water.

6:50- Shit 5 times, pee a lot

7:00 hate on pros because I am jealous

7:25 enter water. I have a light blue cap. I have no idea if it is a beach or in water start. I will be on the far left side, a few rows back. Let those bitches in the front get ran over and panic.

7:28 Swim start. I am really hoping to get on someones feet and draft. That being said, I would love for my time to be under 40 minutes. Hopefully it is marked correctly and it is easy to stay on course. The swim is a reverse triangle, swim out to the left, turn right, swim across, turn right again, swim in. God I hope I’m under 40.

T1- Down a protein bar, get shoes and helmet on, head out on bike, all in hopefully the 3 minute range.

Bike- Goal is around 3. Depending on wind, I really think I can do it. The course is kinda flat (they say rolling, Im sure I’ll take it as flat) and is 1.5 loops. I will have fitmixer in my aero bottle, and gatorade on my downtube. I will take water at the aid stations and pour it into my aero bottle. I will stick to my nutrition plan has I have in training. Liquid calories and water first 30 minutes, then I will take in a gel or blocks every 30 after that. Also beef jerky at 15 and 45. Lots of water

T2- Shoes on, hat on, lets GO!!! Oh, I’ll also have to pee so depending on how I have to manage that will affect my time. Hopefully I’ll be next to a grassy knoll, so while I am putting my running shoes on, I can sit in the grass and pee. Don’t judge me, you’d do it, too. It’s gross, but this is not a cute sport.

Run- Even with all my fantastic running time, I want to give myself a little leeway in the run. Especially if it’s really stupid hot out. I am going to say 10 minute miles, but I would like to be around 2 hours total for the run, which is about 9 minute miles. I will walk in every add station. That was Dr. Chimes advice last year and it really works.

Finish- Beat Matt. Hopefully get a PR, feel awesome and able to do more. Drink beer. Hopefully around the 6 hour mark.

So there we have it kids. The anatomy of Muncie. This post is stupid long, so I’m done now.

Have a great day!



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