The title says it all.

I’m sitting at Panera having a “breakfast power sandwich” before I go to yoga. After yoga? 5 loops of the twin lakes ride. Thats right, kids. 100 miles. First time ever at that distance. I am doing it for the most alone and that makes me happy. I need some alone time and sadly, the only time I get alone is when I am working out. I am timing my ride so that hopefully my last loop with be with the group during their workout tonight.  I feel as though I have a solid nutrition plan, and if it works, I will share it on my century recap post. Here’s to hoping all goes well and even if I feel like crap during and after, it boosts my confidence.

I don’t really have anything to share. I am a horrible blogger. I ran 19 miles on Tuesday in 1:46 and my legs did feel really tired and sore after, but it was manageable and I totally felt like I could have done another 7. That made be feel better, but I doubt I’ll be going at that clip 8 hours into my day. We’ll see.

Swimming is going well, too. I am liking swimming in the lake, I feel like I’m getting stronger. For whatever reason, I get SUPER congested after I get out and it really sucks. I’m still kinda stuffy from last night but hopefully it will clear out by bike time.

That is pretty much all I have, for real. My nutrition has consisted of whatever I can eat in the car going between funeral homes (lots of meal bars and fruit) and Dr. Coco seems to be helping my hip and neck. Today will be a good test of that.

I haven’t weighed myself in weeks. Im fairly sure I’m still around the 127 mark, as I see no real changes. I would LOVE to be 120 for race day and hopefully things will calm down at work so I can get back on track with my eating AND training. I feel stretched so thin, I would love to have 2 days that I had nothing to do. I say two because I would need one to catch up on stuff like laundry and grocery shopping and bill paying and email replies and all that crap and the second to actually just relax. I guess thats what Turks & Caicos is for :). I’d like to be 120 for that, too.

Yoga time! Hope to post a good solid post over the weekend. Take care kids

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