Not feeling very mighty

This is going to be short. I have no brain left to think.

Work is crazy busy. We currently have 5 families we are serving. That’s a lot when you’re trying to do it out of one building, let alone running all over the county trying to find places to work out of. This is beyond frustrating.

I didn’t get any workouts in yesterday (Friday) or today. Well that’s a lie. I was able to be on my trainer for 23 minutes before a family came to finalize arrangements. Somehow I feel I may be the only funeral director to ever meet with a family in bike shorts. Maybe not the only, but one of the few. Lets face it. 23 minutes is NOT good enough. I hope I can play catch up this week, but with every visitation and funeral I’m losing more and more training time. All of this is not boding well for my mental health. I’m still sort of in the funk of not caring, but I am finding that I do care that I don’t have the time to get my workouts in, so I guess thats a good sign. We have a 100 mile bike ride this week. I have no idea how I’m going to do that with the work week I have. Gah. Annoyed.

Matt and I traveled 77 miles from home to do a paved, closed to traffic bike trail from New Castle PA to some nameless town in Ohio. It sounded perfect and exactly like what we were after. It wasn’t.

Someone is not good at hiding when they are annoyed.


The trail was advertised as 10 miles in length, so 20 miles round trip. Flat, with a few small inclines and paved, no traffic and scenic. Heres what it was: 9 total miles, the first of which was parking so you couldn’t really ride thru there and it just ended on a busy main highway so there was no where to turn around. 2.4 miles into it, it was CLOSED for construction for like a quater mile, so you had to WALK YOUR BIKE OVER ROCKS AND SHIT to get to the other side. Then once into Ohio, it was this shitty pavement that was more gravel then anything and I seriously thought I was going to break my frame going over all the pot holes. Flat? Hardly, while it wasn’t rolling, it was like 3 miles in an uphill grade, then a steep down hill, repeat. It was annoying and we both agreed it was not fun. 4 hours of that sucked. Plus, we didn’t get started until almost 4 because we  drove around for about an hour trying to find the trail head. Ugh. Not awesome.

In other news, I’ve started seeing Dr. Coco on Sue’s advice. He is a muscle and soft tissue therapist Dr. dude that uses “active release therapy” to repair damaged/ sore muscles and junk. IDK what vodoo he does, but I do know that he can touch my butt right where my hip hurts and make me jump off the table. He has also been breaking up the scar tissue in my shoulder left over from the car accident and that shit HURTS. I went to him last night and today my whole neck and arm and face was sore and tingly. IDK if that is good, but for the 23 minutes on my trainer my shoulder didn’t hurt. WIN!

Ok, thats is. I know I know, before and after photos. Nutrition plan. I have to do a race weekend plan for Muncie before I leave and I want to show that on here. I promise that once I have a day with all my work done, all my workouts done, and I get to eat and rest like an ironman, I will do all those things. Until then, I am going to go toss and turn and not sleep because I’m freaking out that I’m going to be a huge disappoint and setting myself up for disaster by missing so much.


Everything was going so amazingly, why are the wheels falling off NOW?

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