Where to even begin?

I am still alive. Barely. The past two weeks have been crazy CRAZY CRAZY!!!

Crazy work- We.were.so.busy. At one point we were serving SEVEN families. SEVEN! With no building. I have never drove around Westmoreland county so much in my life.

Crazy wedding- I was Maid of Honor in my friend Katies wedding this weekend. She looked amazing and is so happy in love! There was just a lot of running around and prep and stress getting ready for it and if I would have been able to get stuff done during the week, it wouldn’t have been so bad. Because we were so slammed, I had to do a weeks worth of duties in like 5 hours. It was stressful, but worked out in then. Everything was perfect. Pictures to follow.

Crazy because I didn’t enjoy cutback week- Let’s put it this way, thank God it was a cut back week or else I would have been screwed. I got TWO workouts in last week. That was it. And I was pushing to get those in. Luckily, I got a swim, bike and run in, as short as they were. Clearly, not the cut back week and relaxation I was hoping for did not happen.

I have been so exhausted the past few days, coming off of the busy work week and wild wedding weekend. Thus why this entry and my blog in general is lacking. I am just to burned out on life to do it right now. I wanted to do a post about being two months out from IMNY, didnt happen. I wanted to do a post about how I was feeling about two weeks ago (Jesus, it has been along time). I didn’t want to do this anymore. I was over it. I felt as though why am I changing who I am and missing out on things I like to do for a hobby that I’ll never be good enough at? Let’s face it, I’ll never get to Kona or even on a decent podium, so why even do this? I was feeling as though my goal of just finishing isn’t good enough but there is nothing I can do about it. I have to work, I can’t train all day like some people can. I also realized that my life has revolved around this race for 6 months, technically longer. Guess what. On August 12, I am still 26 living with my parents unable to afford a house, not loving my job and life situation in general. So again, why go through all this, putting myself further in debt when I should be saving for a place and deciding what I want to do in life. It was a tough couple of days and I didn’t tell anyone I was feeling this way. I still kind of do, but I think it’s good. I would have had a HUGE let down when I woke up the day after the race and everything else in my life was still the same.

I also wanted to do a post about my training and nutrition and before and after photos. I’ll work on that for this week. Until then, enjoy some wedding photos. Hopefully I’ll be more into blogging tomorrow. This whole “documenting to read later” didn’t work out the way I planned. Oh well.


I did that gallery thing again so I can’t see the photos as I type this but the reason I have the one up of my giving my speech is because my stomach looks flat. YAY

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