First race report, cutback week, someone cares!

First race of the season, in the books. Kinda.

As previously mentioned, I relayed the Yellow Creek sprint tri yesterday. I ended up doing on the swim and bike, as my mom decided last minute she wanted to run. So how did it go? First off, the amount of ego at a little state park race was ridiculous. I don’t even think there was 200 people there and yet there were DOUCHEBAGS with fancy tri bikes and aero helmets DOING PUSHUPS BEFORE THE RACE IN TRANSITION!!!!! I actually started asking all the tools racked next to me if they realized this race was only 9 miles, ALL of which are hills, not exactly what a TT bike is designed for. They all looked at me like “shut up little girl” well, I shut them up when my bike was back in transition before them πŸ™‚ but we’ll get to that.

Yellow Creek Swim- It was 800 meters and my time was 18 minutes. Ummm, thats horrible. I can do 1000 yards in just over 16min so I have no idea what was happening. The swim felt good and strong and I only had to stop and clear goggles once (side note: Idiot Ironsayya forgot her goggles so I had to borrow someones extra pair. A reminder to respect EVERY race and always follow your checklist). I was the 4th female out of the water which I was happy about, but that time is bugging me. Woof.

Yellow Creek Bike- I must say, I kicked ass on the bike. I used my old road bike who was creaking and making noise the whole time but I loved it. I chicked (LOVE that term, I found out about it in Chrissy Wellingtons book. It’s when a girl passes a guy on the bike. My new favorite thing to do) so many guys (on tri bikes πŸ™‚ and wasn’t passed by anyone. I passed a crap ton of people though. It was really fun and a confidence builder. A guy on our team even yelled at me as I passed him “Holy shit, you can kick my ass on a old junk bike, too? Thanks” That made me laugh.

The team that I biked for took 3rd place female relay! Last year there were like 6 teams total, this year there were A LOT more and considering Cathy said she had a bad swim and my mom had her first run coming back from an injury, I’ll take it. Here we are

The team I swam for came in 6th. The team name was “Move a little faster” Eddy rode and Traci ran. I normally don’t get to race with these girls, so it was fun to be on a team with them.

Ok, now its true confession time. I have to admit I was a little bit disappointed after the race because with my swim and bike time, as long as I would have kept a decent run time (like 9:30 min mile) I would have come in first female overall. I HATE when people speculate races they don’t do and I don’t want to take away from the girl that did win, but it would have been cool to do that once, if it was meant to happen. Even if it was just little Yellow Creek.

So now it’s a cut back week and I have to admit this is the first one that I can tell my body really needs. Nothing hurts or is bad, I can just tell that everything is tired, including me. We have been really busy at work, so sleeping and just hanging out hasn’t happened as much as I would like, but I plan on making that up this week as much as possible. My back has been kinda sore the past two days, but I think that is a mixture of THIS workout from Blonde Ponytail and that Friday night after said workout AND my stair run earlier in the day, we got a call that a 510lb man has passed away, and I was the lucky on that got to work on him. I did have help and I was very careful moving him, but I think just a mixture of all that activity made for a sore back. Nothing a couple easy days wont fix.

Today I rode my road bike again (Cervelo is at Matts. He went to get a tune up yesterday) and my workout was to be a 2 hour ride. At 75 minutes in, my old, noisy,chain decided it had enough and snapped. Dad to the rescue. Old blue has needed some TLC for a long time and I kept putting it off and I have been riding him a lot so I think this was his way of saying he needed some lovin, NOW! Here we are hanging out on the side of the road waiting for my dad.

Good news was this happened at the base of the biggest hill of the ride I was on. Saved that guy for another day. I found some really nice quiet neighbors while I was exploring today so that is always exciting. I am really loving cycling and hope that it continues and I get a lot better, faster, and more efficient.

Alicia has posted that she would like some photos and nutrition info. What an excellent idea and I’m flattered that you care :). This will make for a fabulous cut back week post later this week. I usually struggle for stuff to talk about on rest weeks and I have been meaning to do an update post for some time now. However, right now I am going to go and relax with a cuddly basset hound. I deserve it!






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