Another weekend wrapup

I mean honestly, could time be flying any faster? This is truly getting ridiculous.

First, a few pictures from Keystone last Wednesday.

Baby seester and I at her first open water swim!!

Sue sent me this pic because she thought I looked bad ass. I think I look thick.That’s disappointing. As soon as she sends me more group pics (hint) I’ll post those suckers.

So lets see, where were we….

Thursday night bike ride- I took 3 people with me to do the extended Twin Lakes course. As we were riding, I couldn’t help but think back to a few years ago when I would never do the long loop because I was afraid it was too far or hard for me, now I’m showing it to new people. It’s fun when you get a chance to realize how far you’ve come.

Friday- I ended up taking a rest day. I was exhausted all day because of my moms stupid dog not allowing me more than 3 hours of sleep a night and I just felt blah. My legs were heavy and I was SUPER cranky. Plus we were really busy at work that day. I debated all day if it was one of those “suck it up and train through it”  or a “listen to your body and rest” day. Since I was only missing my shortest swim of the week, I took the rest and I feel that I made the right decision.  I laid at home on the couch all night and just vegged out and enjoyed the last night of quiet before my family came home from vacation. It was relaxing and just what I needed

Saturday was a BRICK with the group on the trail. I fell again. Blue bike hates me. I unclipped my right food and leaned left while standing still. Idiot. Oh well. The first trip out on the trail (roughly 7 miles) sucked. My legs felt heavy and I just didn’t want to be on my bike. After my tumble, I got mad and just started pedaling like a bat out of hell and felt a lot better. The headwind yesterday was WICKED, very reminiscent of Myrtle Beach last October. The run after was fine. I’m really pleased with how well my legs are doing with the switch from bike to run this year. Granted, I’ve done it more than I ever have, so the progress makes me happy. I also found a new little route to run, so that was exciting. I like that I am confident enough in my cycling and running now to take different paths and get lost and find new things.

I wanted to try and squeeze in that swim I missed yesterday, but after the BRICK Matt and I got a sushi snack. LOVE SUSHI!, and then I picked my parents up from the airport and we all went to get a bite to eat. By then, the pool was closed. Oh well, I don’t feel that horrible about missing one swim workout in months.

This week is a BIG week. Pretty much all of our workouts are long or intense, and I LOVE IT. I feel like a real triathlete when my ass gets kicked.

Today, I rode my bike to the gym and did my indoor pool swim.* I love that we have only one pool swim a week now. Yay for being outside! The swim was hard, really high zones which meant, fast blood pumping swimming, but it felt really good. I nailed all my times and just felt smooth in the water. I love when that happens. After my swim, I did my two hour bike ride, just from the gym and around some surrounding towns on different routes that I have come up with. I wish I could just ride my bike all around, as I do love to ride, but aside from a Sunday morning/afternoon, there is just way to much traffic to fight. Stopping constantly is annoying. Anyway, the ride today was fun but again, CRAZY windy. I was getting blown all over the place and scared I was gonna bite it a few times. I had to ride my brakes HARD down a few steep descents, so I need to check and see how those guys are holding up. When money starts growing on trees, I’m gonna  look into getting a different set of training wheels (hehe) as my deep ones just aren’t the most practical for all the riding I do around local neighborhoods. It’s over kill. Something that drives me crazy is when people use all this unnecessary shit just to show off or look cool. Do you really need to wear your aero helmet for a 14 mile rolling group ride? I think not. So yeah, new goal is to find a set of different wheels. I’m learning as I go with this stuff, now if only my bank account would support it.

Tomorrow is my longest run of my life, 2:20 minutes. I’m a little nervous about it because I know I need to keep a slow, steady pace to be able to feel good the whole time, but I also will be hard on myself if I go slow and don’t cover a certain amount of miles. That sentence doesn’t sound right, I’m sure Letty cringes when she reads this 😉 Here’s to hoping it goes well.

*Sidenote on riding to the pool. I’ve always wanted to do it and today just worked out perfectly. The one reason I DIDN’T want to do it is because there is this douchebag guy that does tris around here and he rides to the gym and makes a HUGE show of wheeling his stupid ugly bike in with all his gear and he leans it by the pool and takes pictures and all this shit. It’s stupid and gives the rest of us a bad name. I didn’t want to be like him, so when I got there I asked if they would keep my bike behind the desk. They said no. Grrr. So I took it into the locker room, but I was afraid an old lady would knock it over. So I had to do what I didn’t want to and take it into the pool. I kept it up top and kind of hid it in the hallway so that people wouldn’t see it and truthfully the only person that said anything about it was the lifeguard, so I guess it worked out well. I hate tri dicks and I refuse to be looped in with them.

Next post will hopefully be about how this big week is going and prep for the first race of the season, Yellow Creek!



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