Thursday Things

I ripped that off from Jess.

True to form, since I had a lot to cover in my last post, this one is pretttttty sparse. Fun side note: the most random prayer group EVER is going on next to me, I am sitting outside at Panera and the most odd group of people are talking and praying for the most random stuff. No judgement, I just arguing over if angel wings are white or gold and praying for all future homes to be built with no steps so all Gods children can go where they please is a little heavy for a Thursday afternoon. Can you tell I’m enjoying listening to this? I bet they prayed for me and my “scandalous” outfit of running shorts and tank. Oops.

Running! Lets talk about it. I just did 13 miles in 2 hours and  minute. How the hell did I do 1:45 at the PGH half? Everything felt fine with my long run today. My only complaint being that I want to take a nap. I am a sleepy triathlete. My mom’s stupid dog has been keeping me up at night so between her and work and training, I need to catch more ZZZZZZZ’s. Luckily, I should be able to do that this weekend. I believe I stayed in around zone 3 but I was supposed to be in zone 2. The reason I’m not positive of what I was in is because dumbass me fried my 400 dollar Garmin at the lake last night. I dropped it and cracked it weeks ago and was pretty certain it wasn’t going to work in the water, but being a stubborn asshole, I did it anyway. After I post this I am going to call the Garmin people and plead my stupidity with them and see if there is anyway ti fix it. I super don’t want to buy a new one. Good job, idiot.

Last nights swim was fun. I did 10 lengths, which isn’t exactly what my workout was, but the first night it always more relaxed. I really love my new long sleeve wetsuit! I was floating without even doing anything and it fits really well. It hits me on my neck where my zipper for the tri shirt goes so thats kinda annoying but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. Also, the water was SOOOO warm last night! I know that means lots of crap is growing in there, but I love the warmth. I was HOT in my wetsuit and I’m not sure I’ll swim with it as much as I planned on. Of course I need to do some practice in it, but i don’t think I’ll need to be wearing it for warmth.To those that care, I did in fact christen my wetsuit last night. If you don’t know what that means, lets keep it that way 🙂 We had our team photo last night and Sue is going to email the pics so once I have those suckers I’ll post them for your enjoyment.

I did my stair run yesterday and I’ve decided that is my favorite workout besides the shorter bike ride. 4.5 hours of anything (minus sleeping and drinking) is just a lot so the 2 hour bike it my favorite workout. I love the stairs because they are fun and mix it up and I feel bad ass doing them. Plus you burn a shit load of calories.

Group ride tonight, which I just have to do the long twin lakes ride, which will be about an hour and 20 minutes so that will be short and fun. Before that, I am going to get my oil changed. Aren’t you excited to know that?

Stuck at my weight again which is pissing me off  because yes, I am snacking, but its freaking apples or carrots and hummus, not crap. I’m over this weight thing. Sue sent me a text that said I looked slim in my wetsuit last night, but I still don’t feel like I look like a triathlete. I look better yes, but not good enough. The  text did make me happy though. I got to do the sighting demo again. That’s fun. This post is so all over the place.

I love TABATA (IDK if thats how you spell it) workouts. YAY

And I want to be faster. Like kick ass impressive fast.

All done? Yep. All done.

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