Ok that week went fast.

I can’t believe it’s been a whole week since my last post! That is crazy. Time is flying by way to fast, I’d like it to slow down a little.

Thursday was our first BIG DAY. This consisted of a 40 minute swim, 45 min rest period to drive/eat/change/ what have you, 2 hour bike, 45 more minutes to refuel then an hour run. I was excited but nervous to do this. I knew all the workouts apart were cake, but putting it together and nailing the nutrition on what turned out to be a VERY hot day had me anxious. Also, let’s be honest, I was curious to see how far I could swim, bike & run in the allotted time. We decided to swim at the Monoreville LA fitness (I CANT WAIT FOR GREENSBURG TO OPEN), bike the PGH jail trail, and run the trail on the South Side by Steelers training center.  I had goals for myself, here’s how it all broke down.

Swim 2425 yards (I wanted to do 2500)

Bike 36.53 miles (I was ok with that because you have to slow down to turn around every few miles on the trail.)

Run 7 miles on the dot. I was happy with that.

I felt good during all of it and never got bored or tired and my nutrition plan seems to be working perfectly so far. YAY!

Sidenote to all this: Matt Cut his cast off the night before so he would be able to do everything. It was driving him nuts and he realized he didn’t really need it. Let’s play the “Sayya is always right game” I WIN! 😉 He wears his brace when he is not working out and everything seems to be fine and the pain is practically gone. Hooray!

Friday and Saturday were rest days. I really liked having Big workouts but less of them, it left time for other fun things.

Saturday, we went to to zoo. I have no pictures. I am a disappointment.

Sunday I did my one and only pool swim of the week. Keystone lake, our open water swimming place, is FINALLY open. I have two lake workouts this week. True confession, I HATE SWIMMING IN KEYSTONE LAKE. The first time is fun, after that, it sucks. I’m hoping to get past the mental block I have swimming in that nasty lake. Woof.

The other reason I only did one workout on Sunday is because it was Matt’s 40th Birthday!

My Granny, Matts Dad and our Friend Jess all with fancy birthday headwear

One of the few pictures of us, especially without tri gear on.

I think he had a pretty good birthday. The table next to us thought he was turning 21 and he laid in bed hungover all day yesterday. A success.

I did my longest ride of my life yesterday 72.53 miles in 4:30 hours. I had fun but did get bored just because it’s hard to find places to ride around here that long and making that ride as flat as possible is an added challenge. Again, nailed nutrition and was totally on board to do more if I would have had to. I feel that each ride I do on the roads, alone, I build a lot of confidence and wisdom. I am cycling on roads I never would have before, but I’m really smart about it now. I am really enjoying becoming a cyclist. The main reason I wanted to do that workout yesterday was because it was 7 years from my car accident. (Go back a few posts if you missed that one, IDK how to link my own page on here). I felt so empowered doing that ride yesterday. I’ve always known that the accident changed my life, it was just yesterday for the first time I realized it was for the better. I would never be on this path if that wouldn’t have happened. I love happiness.

Final and most exciting note: VACATION IS BOOKED! On Monday after IMNY, we are going to BEACHES TURKS AND CAICOS FOR 10 DAYS!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA People. This is my DREAM vacation. Can’t.freakin.wait. Even more incentive to get my body right and tight 😉




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