Weekend Wrap Up

I have lots of little random stuff to cover, so lets jump right in:

-Matt got a cast. It will be on for 4-6 weeks. It is waterproof so he can still (kinda) swim.

He is being a good sport about it. He hasn’t really complained about it and tries to act like its no big deal, but I know he’s frustrated and annoyed. I suck.

That photo was taken at IronBeers! Sue, we need to start taking pictures at IronBeers. Friday night we met Sue and Kathy for some al fresco dining and drinks. It was fun. Kathy and I have the same options about a lot of people and things so its fun to bullshit with her.

Saturday Am was a BRICK. It was fun to be with the group, even though we had a different workout. The rest of Saturday, I sat my ass and home and got a tan. What an exciting life I lead.

Sunday I did a two hour run (12.34 miles in zone 2, a far cry from my PGH half pace)  and then went to pick up Cervelo from the bike store. His seat post is FINALLY fixed! More on that later. The best part of the bike store was that when I went in to pick up my bike, there were a bunch of dudes in there that were pretty impressed with themselves. When the guy rolled my bike out from the back, jaws hit the floor. Cervelo and I became the center of attention and I stood there for 20 minutes answering questions. One dude even took a picture of him! I loved it. To top it all off, one of the old men that work there was asking me about my deep wheels and if I have a problem with them blowing me around because “you’re what? Like a 100 lbs soaking wet?” I wanted to make out with him. MADE MY DAY. Then I swam again and headed to Matts family birthday dinner. He will be 40 on Sunday! I told him if he wasn’t so old and brittle his bones wouldn’t break so easily. My favorite part of going to his parents? BABY STAR AND PUG FRIENDS!

I was thankful for my fur blanket and pillow. Also, ignore the 15 different skin tones I am currently rocking, and the last remnants of the crash.

Yesterday I swam 3,200 yards in the AM and then did my 4 hour bike ride. Not gonna lie, I was kinda nervous about riding that long myself, not really knowing where I was going. I had an idea of what I wanted to do in my head, but I wasn’t allowed to leave work until 2:30 so that put the last 2 hours of my ride during prime driving home time. I ended up doing fine and having a great time just exploring different places around my house. I found some great flat loops that I stayed on for the majority of the ride, but the first 1.5 hours was lots of hill climbs. When I was riding through a neighborhood, a guy yelled “yeah you go Tour de France!” I felt bad ass. Beside my neck being super sore, I felt great. I really nailed my nutrition and could have done more. I ended up doing 60.13 miles (my longest ride ever!) in 4:03 hours. Not a blasting pace by any means, but when you are constantly changing pace for hills and traffic and crap, your average will suffer. I stopped at about 2:15 in to get more water and gel myself. Ironically, it just so happened that this took place at Jeannette Distributing (local beer store) :). I had enjoyed taking my break there and it was the first time I’ve ever walked out of there with only 2 bottles of water. Other exciting news is that my seat post is FINALLY FIXED!!

Post ride bliss.

Glenn explained to me what was happening (bad screws) but I wont bore you with details. Main thing is that he’s fixed and I LOVE him. We have a blast together.

In other fun news, I have finally starting breaking through my weight plateau, weighing in at 125.5 this AM. I’m figuring that the past two days of long, intense workouts has helped a lot but so has my re dedication to clean eating and less snacking. It has been so much easier without my parents home. I am not tempted by what they made for dinner, or their takeout and snacks. Just the boost I have needed to get me to the last leg of this, I hope.

That brings me to another point, I really really REALLY miss living alone. It has been so nice and quiet (except for when there are people here, then I’m annoyed) but it’s nice to do things on my schedule. I hate small talk and noise and questions, so living with my parents has been hard. As much as I want them to come home for work related reasons, I am loving this time alone.

Today I am going to do some strength training, sadly for the first time in a few weeks. I am also going to add some Tabata workouts to it. I have been reading all about this new thing on many blogs, so I downloaded a timer on my phone and we’ll see how it goes. It’s basically a high intensity interval training where you do 4 moves for 20 seconds as fast/hard as you can then rest 10 seconds for four minutes. I’m gonna go research what moves are best to do for your first time. I’m excited to try something different. This body needs some tone to it!

On a parting note: I am reading Chrissie Wellingtons book (IM National Champion and all around bad ass) and some parts I love, some parts are stupid. My favorite things that I have learned while reading it is that her birthday is also on February 18th (same as mine). Wanna know the date of the first Iron Man ever? February 18th.

That’s right, bitches. I was BORN to do this 😀



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