Thursday Thursday THURSDAY

I’ve been sitting at Starbucks for about an hour trying to decide if I should post or not and if I do, what to post. It’s a cut back week people, so I have nothing to really report on the training front. I will be attending the group ride tonight on my trusty blue steed, as Cervelo is still getting the once over.

I bought some new summer clothes yesterday. I didn’t want to, but I had no shorts or shirts and all my old dresses look like sacks on me. Sidenote: I have ALOT of dresses. They area chubby girls best friend in the summer. Anyway I got some shorts and cute tops and a dress. The shorts are size 6 which fits perfect now. I’m WILL be losing more weight, so they maybe big come vacation time, but I’ll worry about that if it gets to it. It’s hard starting totally over with clothes. I need new EVERYTHING but no way to fund my new wardrobe. I have been wearing a lot of my moms clothes Not cute.

I also tried on Swimsuits. Not great. Not as bad as it was, but still not what I was hoping for when I started all this. I NEED TO GET BACK TO STRENGTH TRAINING. I think on top of all the other pressure to really buckle down to look good, the fact that bikini weather is here is the little extra push I need.

We find out today if Matts wrist is ok from the bike accident last week, or if he needs surgery. Ugh. I’m sick to my stomach over it. I would rather it be broken then surgery, but I guess I don’t have a choice over it. This is horrible. He HAS to be ok. Balls.

I literally have nothing else to talk about. Let me do some googling and see if I can fun like a fun survey or something ( I have to kill time until Yoga):

Nope. That was dumb. I got nothing.

My parents and sister are at the beach. They suck.


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