Hi Friends.

It’s a cut back week and I honestly have nothing new to report, but if I sit here and ramble it will prevent me from snacking and we all know night time snacking is my down fall.

All soreness is gone from my body from the wreck except when I bump a bruise. My cuts are scabbing over (attractive) so soon enough I’ll be good as new. I really think that doing my workouts helped with all that. I did have a rest day yesterday, just because shit hit the fan at work. I was running around from 7am until 6 last night, then I had to take Cervelo to Matts house so he could take it to the shop to get the seat looked at today. Can you tell I need real friends to talk about my day with? Anyway.

Somethings I’m worried about:

-My parents are leaving on Wednesday for two weeks in Florida. I am super nervous that I wont get any of my workouts while they are gone because of work. Our new building still hasn’t even been stared yet so we are still running funerals out of multiple facilities, which is a real pain in the ass. On top of that, my Aunt is a lazy bitch and makes my life hell, so the next two weeks of just her and I wont be fun. I’ll basically run the place myself while she sits on the couch and eats and tells me everything I’m doing wrong. I’m getting pissed off just thinking about it.

Drawing of new funeral home. I’m not thrilled with it.

-Cervelo is being sent to his home base to figure what is wrong with his seat post. It slides down on me CONSTANTLY! Last year, I could get a few rides in with no problem. This year, every 3 miles I have to stop and adjust it. I’ve lost 30 lbs people, sense this does not make. So anyway, he’s going to see if I need a new seat post or maybe an entire new frame? I’ll decide how I feel about that if it gets to it.

-Speaking of new frames, Matt 99% sure he wants a new bike. I can’t blame him, I wouldn’t want to wonder if everytime I was riding if it was just a ticking time bomb waiting to happen. I just feel like complete shit because it’s my fault. He’s trying to act all excited about getting 3 new bikes in 3 years (jack ass) but I can tell he’ll miss his QR. Although, if that ass gets a P5. Deals off.

Matts QR. Those aren’t the wheels I busted with my head.

-I havent lost any weight. I’m not gaining, just stuck in like a 4 lbs zone. I’m hoping when my parents are gone, I’ll be able to refocus on my strict eating. I’ve still been doing a lot different (better) that I would be without my goals, but I’m finding that I’m letting myself slip more. You would think with Katies wedding, two races and the beach coming up, I’d have more motivation then ever, but hunger wins out. Stupid.

-I need a house. Can’t afford it. Don’t want the responsibility. Tired of me crying that tune yet?

-I have no money. See every other problem on said list. Woof

I really didn’t mean for this to turn into a bitchfest, just rambling the crap thats on my mind.

Wanna hear about the cut back week? Here’s the game plan:


Monday- 50 min run (done) 2,000 swim (done)-both went fine, felt good, very easy



Thursday-2hour bike (providing I have one)

Friday or Saturday (depending on work)- BRICK, the other day will be rest

Three rest days. IDK what I’ll do with myself. Oh yea, work. Aren’t you jealous of my life?

Parting thought. The girl that was the captain of my college soccer team has a blog and it’s awesome. She is a bad ass mountain biker and wins all kinds of crazy contests all the kind. I’ve linked her blog if you want a look into her crazy ways. She made this poster and I pissed myself laughing, it is SO TRUE! If you’re a cyclist, you’ll understand.

The Trainer: A Poem

Oh, dreaded device of torture.
You sit in my basement, cold, mocking me.
When I succumb to your call you spit rubber all over my carpet.
You make climbing a dream of the past, and descending a wish for the future.
I yearn for distractions and watch poorly hosted Top Video countdowns on VH1.
Your cruelty continues on.

Oh, evil stationary object, why won’t you move!?
No trees to hit or rocks to climb, not a whiff of fresh pine.
My one true hope is that our time together was not spent in vein.
Which makes me think- we should have been together more often.
That thought makes me loath you all the more.

Love it, Ry-o!

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