Speaking of accidents….

Don’t get scared. I’m fine 🙂

Had my first “real” crash of not only the season, but pretty much my tri career. Sure, I’ve fallen off my bike before but nothing quite like this.

Lets first catch up with training. Without even meaning to or thinking about it, I have completely abandoned strength training. I realized this the other day and got really disappointed in myself. No excuses, but I have just been so busy with work crap and other commitments that I have totally forgotten to do any workout that isn’t swim, bike, run. Tomorrow starts a cut back week so I’m not sure if it will be included, but after that, I WILL BE DOING IT THREE TIMES A WEEK. Super bummed at myself.

Wednesday was a bust. Matt and I tried to get a BRICK in but only got 7 miles in before it started HAILING and then I blew my rear tire on Cervelo AGAIN. Son of a bitch. No idea why this is happening all the time. Then we got one lap in at the school before they called the track meet that was going on there for lighting so we abandoned, too. It was a baby BRICK. I was pissed, but we ended up making a delicious dinner and I had a beer so I got over it.

Thursday we geared up to do our 4 hour ride. Matt wanted to do it on the trail since we were supposed to be flat. I agreed, but I will only ride my road bike on the trail so I wasnt super looking forward that, but it would be ok. Thank God I had that bike. Matt was a dumbass and thought it would be a great idea to ride his QR tri bike on the trail. Idiot. He made me nervous the whole time with that thing. For those that don’t know, you DO NOT ride race bikes on a dirt path. You just dont. They aren’t made for it and it’s not safe. Imagine using a Viper at a tractor pull. See what I mean? One loop, out and back on the trail is just under an hour, so the game plan was to do it 4 times. Fine. We got one in, awesome. Started on the second, fine. We were coming up a slight hill by a set of baseball fields when I hit a divet with my front wheel and went down on my left side. Matt was right behind me and he tried to swerve to miss me and ended up hitting my helmet with his front wheel and went over his bars, still clipped in. I just started screaming and crying about his bike, not even thinking that we were hurt (typical me). I dragged our bikes off to the side and we sat there and took stalk. I have no photos of the crash scene because I didn’t have my phone with me. Idiot. Anyway, we both were bleeding pretty bad from our legs (my left, his right) and his hands were cut up, but besides that we physically seemed ok. My bikes handle bars were slightly bent in from the impact of hitting the ground. Matts bike didn’t fair  so well. His front carbon tire was cracked (read-destoryed) and his fork was all twisted. We made the game plan that I would ride roughly 5 miles back to get a car while he sat and waited for me. Please understand that I was an inconsolable train wreck. I WAS SOBBING HYSTERICALLY. Again, not worried about us, but I was horrified that because of me, his VERY expensive bike was now trashed. Ugh.

On the way back I ran into Jack and Joan, who is on the team, and told them what happened. They offered to drive back with me so that both Matts truck and my Jeep would be at the college. I love them for it. We met up with Matt and we took parting stock and left.

Matts wheel. God this makes me sick. He’s not mad at me and keeps telling me it’s not my fault and wont let me pay for the new wheel (mark my words, I WILL pay for it) but I still feel like shit. If I wouldn’t have bit it, he wouldn’t have wrecked and all would be fine. Oh, the best part? Yeah, he might have a broken wrist. He got X-rays yesterday and they came up clear, but the Dr. said to go to a surgeon this week to have it looked at and he is in a brace. I feel like the biggest piece of dog shit. Granted, I didn’t mean for this to happen, but it’s still my fault that it did and the worst part is both he and his bike took the brunt of it. I suck.

As far as workouts go, I ran my stair workout yesterday and I was uber sore after, but I felt better that I was able to do it. Today, I swam and after I worked the tightness out of my neck and shoulder, it went really well.

My leg is cut up and I have huge goose egg/ bone bruise on my thigh from my bar ends. My stomach is all bruised and super sore, when I use my abs. No idea how that happened. My neck is also sore from my head hitting the ground and from the impact of Matts wheel. All in all, I’m really lucky.

Leg after my run last night. Oh. and Dinner.

I do have to mention that I felt really bad ass that I did my workouts yesterday and today. Old me would have totally used this as an excuse to get a few days off. My run and swim felt good so I’m really really glad I did them and I’m sure using the muscles helped to keep them loose. I know I normally don’t talk much about Matt on this because it’s my blog, but I have to give him props for going to the group bike ride like 3 hours after our accident! He wanted to check out and see if his frame was ok and said he felt good enough to get more riding in. I am proud of him because he’s a bigger blow offer than I could ever be. His frame seems ok, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he got a new one. That’s just how he is. I didn’t go to the ride Thursday because I had a mandatory Funeral Directors meeting. Super cool, huh?

So yeah. Thats whats going on. I guess something like this is to be expected. I just wish that I was the one hurt, not an innocent person. Bah. I suck a lot.



One Comment on “Speaking of accidents….”

  1. OMG! Glad you are okay and hoping Matt is as well! I haven’t seen you at the gym! I am glad I clicked on your name and now I can follow your blog. I don’t update mine often but I would like to! 🙂

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