Pittsburgh Half Marathon

Hello friends,

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I did 🙂 I ran the Pittsburgh Half Marathon. This is a post of short sentences.

Anyway, this was my first time running 13.1 without a swim and bike warm up. I was curious to see how it would go because I knew I could run the distance with a modest pace (I have done this in training) but didn’t know if I would start to fast or hold back too much and not get the best time I could. My goal was to come in under two hours. Wondering how I did?

I crushed it. I honestly don’t know how I did this. I felt fine the entire time. I just ran. As I clicked off mile and mile and I realized I could make it under 2 hours, it became how much under two hours. I was really REALLY pleased with my time. I may never do this this fast again and I KNOW I won’t be clocking anything like this in a tri, but it’s a nice notch on my belt. I guess I need to start running faster on my runs. Woof.

Other than the race, it was just a fun, beautiful weekend in the burgh. I wish I had photos but I didn’t run with my phone so until the official race photos are posted, I don’t have any. Oh wait, just this one.

Me, my mom, and Matts post race refreshments

I did bad on my eating yesterday. I had fries and club sandwich and beers at lunch. Lots of beers. And two shots. Those were Sue’s fault. We all met for lunch after the race and had a lot of fun. And I totally blew off my clean diet. Don’t worry, I am paying for it today. My stomach was already pissed at me because I had to poop the ENTIRE race(!) So I was already uneasy from that. The combo of greasy fried food and day drinking did not help the situation. I had the worst headache last night. I don’t regret it at all, I love post race after glow. Totally worth it. Back on the bandwagon today.

Races are fun


One Comment on “Pittsburgh Half Marathon”

  1. You are SUPER FAST! Tim wanted to be 1:45 and ended up 1:52. He said his heart was really thumping at the Duquense hill and it scared him. The men on his side of the family have a history of heart problems and he slowed down and walked till it stopped thumping, so he was disappointed he didn’t meet his goal but was glad he played it safe. Congrats on an awesome race!! I can’t imagine being that fast!

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