Updates and catching up…

Again. All I do with this thing is play catch up. It will be worth it one day, I hope. Let’s be honest, I’ll probably never read this after August 11. Oh well, here we go.

First things first, we got our new uniforms in!!

Yes, I’m aware the picture is sideways but for some reason the internet connection at Panera blows today and it wont save when I rotate it. Use your imagination, people.

Also, Ignore the chaos that is my bedroom. Ironmen don’t have time to clean 😉

So this is my size Medium uniform. My old one from the last 4 years was an XL. I feel very comfortable in my new girl, just wish my body wasn’t so jiggly. I still have a lot of fat to lose, but now I have all this really attractive loose skin everywhere. Sexy. My weight has comepletely stalled and I’m stuck between 128-130. It’s frustrating because I am working so hard but I have let my strength training slip a little. Even with all my snacking it is healthy snacks and I’m not eating over my calorie limit (I try to stat around 1500, I want to be less, Sue wants it to be more. Sigh) Hopefully once we get into some long stuff it will give me the extra push I need to drop the last 10 lbs and hopefully get the body I want. Finally. I am MOH in my friend Katies wedding in 6 weeks (holy crap its soon) and I want to look good for that so she doesnt look back in her photos in 5 years and go ” Holy cow, Sara looked like crap at my wedding. She was a bad choice” Thats not a bonus for anyone.


Swim- FINALLY I have fallen back in love with swimming! Its still boring and mundane but I just get it set in my head that I have t do it and do it well and it seems all better. Also, the last few workouts have been time workouts, not distance workouts and I like those so much better. I swim better (and faster) when I have to swim 30 minutes instead of a set number of yards. A whole new beast with the lake will start soon, so we’ll see if I can carry this positive attitude out there.

Bike- I have been riding my road bike on the trail for my last few workouts. It’s just FUN. I like not worrying about hitting potholes or gravel or breaking something. It has been a nice change of pace. I am ready to get back on Cerveleo tonight at the first group ride! I can’t believe it is here already. The season seems to be flying by. After this month, we have a full training of June and start to taper in July (plus 2 races) then its AUGUST! So like maybe 2 more full months of training. Holy crap. Starting to freak out a little. I havent even rode 50 miles at a time yet! Eek. Sue said she wants to slow us up or a few weeks, so maybe we are on pace. I trust her. We’ll see.

Run- I am running the PGH half marathon on Sunday. It will be the first time I ONLY run a half. Im used to swimming and biking as a warm up ;). I’m just using it as a long training run, so that should be fun at along as 372894632879463287463287 people arent in a pack trying to move. Ugh. I have no patience for people. I should work on that.

Strength- I’ve kinda fallen off the bandwagon with this. I am still doing it twice a week, but I get bored so I throw in stuff I find on the internet. Mainly from the blonde ponytail. I’ve also stated doing stuff during commercials. I’ll do a plank, or pushups or lunges, whatever, usually after some hot chick with a to die for body is on and I feel bad about myself. Good motivation right there. I want a tight stomach, no cellulite or back fat, and as that arent fat when they are at my side. Oh an boobs because the little I had have seemed to disappear.

Food- Food has been more fun recently as I am experimenting with what I like and dont. I’m also starting to take ideas and not necessarily recipes from the internet. I’ll find something that looks good and then adapt it to what I have on hand. I love just throwing a bunch of crap on a plate and seeing how it tastes. One tip is to always cook onions and mushrooms and add them to EVERYTHING. This will make you happy. You’re welcome. I owe all this again to Jessica because I stalk, I mean LOVE, her recipes and techniques.  She also has me addicted to Trader Joes, so my bank account and gas tank thanks her for that.

Personal life- is in shambles! Truly. Without getting all “whoa is me” on you, just know that my life blows. If it wasn’t for training, I’d have nothing. This is the honest truth. I am so afraid of my life after this because I dont know what I’m going to do. The rebuild of the funeral home does not look promising and even if it does happen my future there is shaky at best. I haev ZERO money and my friends are busy with there own lives. I’m not sad about it today because I have to much fun stuff with the team going on (I mean, how much of a loser am I that workouts make me happy when everything else is shit) so we are going to change the subject.

Lets see, anything else?


Not that I can think of.


Bye, Kids!



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