Quick Recap

I have fallen off the blogging bandwagon. I had no desire or motivation to write this whole week. There were things I wanted to talk about, but I have been SOOO busy that I just want to relax when I’m home. I know I’m going to regret not doing it when I go to look back on this experience, so here is a recap of this week.

Monday- Long run on the treadmill. WOOF. Aside from it being super busy and having to get up really early before work to do it, it went well. 1:45 minutes at an easy pace is nothing to me at this point and I love it. The weather has sucked ALL WEEK. Cold, Snow, Rain, you name it.

Tuesday-Rest day.

Wednesday- Last spin class of the year!

I realized during the last song that the next time I will be in that room will be after IMNY. Surreal.

Last swim at Liggy Y for the year, too. That means it’s almost time for Keystone! Yay outside, BOOO nasty keystone lake.

Thursday- Ran and sweated my balls off before yoga. My shirt was soaked in class and everyone kept asking if I was ok. I love my old yoga people.

Then I took this guy out for a ride on the trail.

Texas Ranger (get it? My jeep is Walker….I’m clever), is my road bike that I bought used a few years ago. I got him after I had my hybrid for two years and was ready for an upgrade but didn’t want to commit to something crazy expensive. Leave Cervelo out of this 😉 The bike is a size big for me and could use a tune up, but it was super fun to ride him. I loved not worrying about hitting a pothole or dumping it. I just had fun. My shoulder tightened up at the end of the 3 hours, just because of the poor fit, but fun none the less.

Thursday night I went to dinner with a really close friend of mine. Like me, in the past few months she has had a lot of LIFE changing things happen, but lucky for her, they are all for the good. I am so SO happy and proud for taking on a new direction head on. Her bravery and happiness inspires me to want better for my personal and professional life. We had a fantastic conversation about what we want out of life and how to obtain it. I love her. We went to an organic, raw, g/f, restaurant in Pittsburgh and it was really good, but agreed we were both still hungry, so we headed to a local bar and split mango salsa. I’m going to miss her terribly and hate that I wont see her as often, but we promised that the next time I see her will be in September in her new city:)

Friday- Fallafel (thats what I call it) run workout at the HS track in the early cold AM. Loved it. I’m excited we’re getting into some speed work. Then swam in the afternoon. My swims are getting more and more challenging, but I am really trying to recommit to them, and I did all week so I was happy. Swimming went from being the easiest to hardest and its an adjustment.

Food- I did well on 90% of my food this week. I decided that if I wasn’t living with my parents I would probably be losing weight faster. I am always having a “bite of this” and a “taste of that”stuff that I shouldn’t be eating. I really haven’t lost any weight all month and I’m disappointment in myself about that. I am working so hard and yet my damn snacking at night habit is getting in the way.

Hopefully I’ll have more time to post this week because I want to still do my car accident post, a few recipes, and other random stuff. Now to go and try to not snack all night. Gah.

One Comment on “Quick Recap”

  1. AlisaAllen says:

    Hey Lady! I’m way behind so a couple of thoughts on the last few posts. Holy cow you look good! Keep up the good work! The fact that you are out biking and swimming and running and saying things like “running for 1:45 was nothing” makes me want to hate you! Or that you ran a 5k in 21.45. Seriously! You run 7 minute miles? Dude!! I’m lucky if I can run 8:30 min/miles without puking up a lung! You rock!

    Love your recipes too!

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