Weekend Recap




Thanks for a great season, Pens!


I PR’d my 5k time at the Pirates Home Run 5k. 21:43. My fastest by a few minutes. My garmin said the race was only 2.8, not 3.1 so take that for what its worth.


No fun pictures from yesterday. Long swim went well, I just told myself to do it and it was fine. I realize while swimming lap after lap after lap that its kinda like running on a track. It’s not the actual run/ swim that makes it so long and tedious, its just the repetitiveness. We’ll be outside in nasty ass keystone lake in a few weeks, so that will help break it up. I also did my strength program during the Pens game. Sad face.

Today was supposed to be like the BIGGEST SNOW STORM EVER!!!! WTF Summer, where’d you go? Anyway, I guess some areas around us got snow, but we didnt. Just cold rain. I want to do my long run, but I didn’t sleep well so I didn’t get up early to do it so unless I can leave work early or go to the gym really late, I might make today my rest day and run tomorrow. We’ll see.

I have been lax my food restrictions the past two weeks. A lot of dinning out and not being motivated to make my own food, so just grabbing quick bites here and there. I’m trying to get back on track this week as I havent lost any real weight in a few weeks. Can’t stall now!


I promise at some point this week I will do my car accident post. It’s been a lot harder to actually sit down and go through the pictures and try to put it all into words that I thought it would be. I’ll work on it, promise.



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