Training trumps all

A day late and a dollar short. Yesterday ended up being a fantastic training day and turned into an all day adventure so I never got around to blogging. Matt and I did a portion of the “jail trail” in Pittsburgh and it was a blast. Perfect for flat, fast training.

We did a 5 mile loop a few times, the crossed the Hot Metal Bridge and did a 4 mile loop on the south side trail. I’ve always wanted to do that. Everytime I’m on Carson (drinking) I see people on bikes and think that looks so fun. I was so excited to finally be on my bike in the city. Sorry if you have no idea where I’m talking about, but the city of Pittsburgh has closed to traffic flat, paved, bike trails that run along all three rivers. They are fantastic and look forward to taking advantage of it more in the future. Next time we are going to do the North Shore trail that runs along the stadiums so hopefully I will get some awesome photos. Fun side note: the speed limit on the trail is 15 MPH. We were pushing 25 at spots. Loved it.


Crossing the hot metal bridge with the city in the background. Tour de City of Champs 🙂

We also did a run after and that was easy and fun. It was a great day to be outside.

I need to refocus on my swimming. I used to love it most and always look forward to it and now I kind of dread it. I just never want to do it. Its a chore like how running used to be. I gotta get out of this slump!

I know I had you all hyped up for a deep post today, but I’m too jazzed up about how great yesterday was and going to the Pens game tonight to be all deep and serious. It’s gonna be a shitty weekend, so I’ll sit here and do it then. Something to look forward to! (HA)

Look for me on TV bitches! Section 104 on the GLASS!!! Woo!

Sorry this post was short and lame, just wanted to mention how awesome the ride was yesterday and scream LETS GO PENS!!!!


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