Weekend Get Away

I realize it is Wednesday and I am just getting around to writing this, but thats ok. Tomorrows ‘Thursday” post is gonna be intense (you’re welcome) so I wanted to throw in a light post to even things out. Ideally I would have done this earlier in the week, but I’ve been a busy Ironman. On with the stories

So remember last Thursday when I said I needed new friends and blah blah wah wah? I got a text at like 3 am Friday AM that my college suite mate and one of my BBFs, Maren, had managed to get the weekend off work. I. WAS. PUMPED! but in a pickle. Why you ask? Maren live in Niagara Falls, NY. Not Canada! but damn close. Its about a 4 hour drive from my house. Long story short, I decided I needed the get away and since it was a cut back week and all my workouts were done, I’d totally be able to do it.  I asked Sue  if I was allowed and she said yes. YAY!

After Iron Beers on Friday (I love Iron Beers, I want to have them more often), I headed up to NF, NY. Dave, Marens fiancee, manages a local bar called Honeys and it was having it’s grand opening at a new location that night. I COULD NOT not be there for it. Mare and Dave met at Honeys and as a member of their bridal party, it was my duty to be there ;). I wont bore you with all the tales of fun I had, the pictures can do that, but it was exactly what I needed. While I did go over my 3 beer a week limit, I didn’t have beer after beer after beer like I normally would have. It was just fun to hang out with old friends and not worry about workouts or calories for a day. I loved this weekend. Some photos for your enjoyment:

Ange, Maren and Me

Dave and Maren. The Royal family of Honeys

After I dubbed them the “royal couple of Honeys”, I decided we needed to wear fancy hats for their wedding. This is mine. Be impressed.

They have beer in NY that we can’t get in PA, so I always stalk up. I love having a grocery cart full of booze. No worries, all of this is already at Matts for post IM keeping so that I’m not tempted.

I left early Sunday am so I could be home in time for a much needed nap before a bike ride. Those assholes stay up till like 4:30 am. I get up at 5 to swim. I felt old around them. Anyway, made it home in time to join some MTG’s for a ride. I did a few laps around Buncher first to get the time I needed for my workout in. It was fun riding with a group but I felt like an asshole. I was WAY ahead of everyone else. I think a mixture of me knowing the route, riding it multiple times already this year, and my bike caused this. I waited at some of the busier intersections to help Sue get everyone where they needed to go, but for the most part, I was out ahead of the pack on my own. Again, big fish, little pond.

Monday my back was KILLING me. I slept on a half inflated air Mattress Friday and Saturday night and then driving home and riding has just done a number on it. I took a couple Motrin and headed out for my long run and a swim. What. an. idiot. For one, it was hot out. I love it hot, but I didn’t hydrate as well as I should have gotta start planning ahead for that. Also, what dumb ass takes motrin before a run?  My heart rate was SKY HIGH barely jogging and I couldn’t figure out why for the longest time. Then I hit myself in the face with my stupidity. I ended up running into Sue on the trail and I told her my issue. She said to just go by feel and kinda ignore my HR. I felt fine the whole time, so that was good. Swim was good, too.

Yesterday was a rest day. I went to the chiro and dentist. Woo. It was also my Dad’s birthday. Fun.

Tonight I am skipping watching the Pens game (I DONT WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT) to go to spin and swim. Next week is the last one! I can’t believe it.  Tomorrow is run and yoga and then I will entertain you with a tragic tail. Get ready.


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