I really have nothing to report.

I did end up going to the Pens game last night. I don’t want to talk about it.

My seester was angry with me because I told her I would go to spin and swim with her then backed out to go to the game. Sorry Amers, it’s a cut back week.

I had a beer before the game, then 3 there. I had already planned on not drinking next week so I could enjoy myself this week. Tonight is Bev’s birthday get together HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE BEV! but I doubt I will drink there because this bar doesn’t have the beer selection. I’d rather save my drinks for something I actually like. Tomorrow is IRON BEERS with Sue. My favorite Ironman activity. I will have my 2 beers there and then be done for a week. I’m really over counting my beers.

Due to the game, yesterday ended up being a rest day. Today I did yoga, an hour on the stupid recumbent bike (I HATE THE GBG Y) and swam. I really really didn’t feel like doing it. I’ve been in and out of funks for a few weeks. One minute I’m fine, the next I’m miserable. I think it’s due to my life outside of tri. I’m over it. I need a change. Some big girl decisions will have to be made after IMNY. Anyway, I basically did  those workouts because I had nothing else to do. I just went through the motions with them. Since it’s cut back week, I’ll allow it. At least I burned some calories to help with that beer.

Tomorrow is a run and bike. I plan to do those both outside before Iron beers. Location TBD.

Other fun facts (since I’m bored at Starbucks)

-I got new coach flip flops today. I’m a coach whore. I got them for 70 bucks at Marshalls! Usually they are like $125. Such a steal for a pair of flip flops, dont ya think?! Note sarcasm. I also got a pair of really cute orange flats for 8 BUCKS! Two pairs of shoes for 78 bucks? I’ll take it. What is a girl that is saving money for big girl things doing spending all that money on flip flops? Well I packed all mine and can’t find them so BACK OFF. Don’t judge me.

-I need friends. Mine are always busy. I know, I know, I’m one to talk. I just wish I had people to do stuff with then I was actually able to. Wow. Pitty party, table for 1.

-Maybe I will have a beer tonight, I’m depressing myself.

-Did you check out the links I posted on the right side ticker thingy yet? You should. They’re fun.

-Can you tell I’m scrapping for things to talk about? If you’ve made it this far, I’m impressed.

This is hysterical. And true. God I miss McDonalds.

-I wish I had some lotion. My face is dry. And my hair is like straw. Damn chlorine. I have been finding way to many silver strands in my hair recently, so I got another box to color this mop tomorrow. Thats right. I am the girl that will pay 70 bucks for flip flops, but wont pay someone to cut and color her hair properly. You got a problem with that?!

I love instagram. I wish I knew how to link my account to this page, but I don’t. If you have instagram, please follow me. Gelvey18

I think that’s about all I can torture you with. Your goals for Sunday, find me some friends and get me a life plan.

Thanks kids, big love.

One Comment on “Thursday…again.”

  1. AlisaAllen says:

    Woman. You. Crack. Me. Up!

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