This won’t be a real wordy post (I hope) but I made a few changes that I wanted to draw attention to. After the workout run down, of course.

So far in my cut back week (which I love, but am starting to get bored) I have done my run test and a swim. Run test was simple, run 60 minutes in a certain HR zone. The hardest part was keeping my heart rate in that area and it was super annoying to check my HR Monitor every couple of seconds. This reminds me, I need to re-test my resting HR. I suck at that because I psych myself out about it and it goes all wonky. Anyway, run was good. Swim yesterday was good too because like the previous swim, I just swam. Didn’t worry about time, but did focus on technique. Tonight will be spin and swim. Because I wasn’t asked to go to the Pens game. Bitter bus, party of me.

New Stuff! Looky to the right. I figured out how to link all my favorite blogs! I wanted to do a separate page tab thingy, but I think in order to do that I’d need to change my whole layout and that is just to involved for this little old diary. Anyway, those are all blogs that I love for different reasons, some for food, some for workouts, some for inspiration, some just for fun. You’ll notice a few I have mentioned before so if you haven’t checked those out, DO IT! and while you’re at it, check em all out.

I got bored yesterday and decided to put on my goal clothes to see how I was coming along. In short, I need new goal clothes šŸ™‚ (Please ignore photo backgrounds. I am still living out of trash bags at my parents house and refuse to organize anything to get too comfy here.)

I bought this size 6 shorts last year when I just assumed training for Ironman 70.3 would be enough to get my chunky ass into them. I was wrong, but I kept them. Super excited to wear these suckers.

Sue says I have no butt now. I do, it’s just hard to get a photo of it. Times like this I wish my tattoo were lower.

Old slutty high school skirt! I kept it because I always promised myself I’d get back into it. It’s actually a little big on me šŸ˜€ Is a yellow skirt in style these days? Who knows, but you bet your ass I’ll wear that shit to a Pirate game.

I gots me some new guns. Ok, ok, I know compared to other “hard body” arms, this is pathetic, but it’s pretty impressive for me. Look at that asshole, cheesing and can’t even flex correctly. She has no friends.

So there we have it. I’m excited to get my new (SMALL) tri suit to see how that looks. Granny came home yesterday and she didn’t really say anything. Not surprised. Not ready to try on swim suits yet. Still a lot of belly and love handles to tame before I get to that level. Hopefully by June I’ll be bathing suit ready šŸ™‚




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