Happy Easter

How’s your keester?!  I’m 5.

I hope everyone is enjoying a relaxing day with people you like. My family on both sides blows, so I am sitting at home in my Guinness pants with my parents. Perfect way to spend Easter. We had dinner last night so Amy could be here since she had to work today. I’ll get to what was in my Easter basket later.


Just in time, too. The workout themselves weren’t wearing me out, but the CONSTANT running around and planning and packing and and all the stuff that comes with this amount of training was starting to wear on me. Luckily, I am pretty good with time management, but I do get super stressed if I don’t time things correctly, so a lot of the stress I bring on myself. It will be nice to have a more relaxed week. I know I’ll be chomping at the bit by the end of the week to get back at it.

Friday I had a short 45 minute run and strength training. I really didn’t feel like doing it, but I fought through it and also threw in some random stuff that I’ve seen on pintrest that I’ve wanted to try. It mixed things up a bit and I felt a good burn in my shoulders the next day. Run was standard. I ran without music just because I didn’t feel like having all that crap on it. Since it was short and a nice day, I thought it was a good day try to not use music because most races ban iPods, so I try to get used to not having one. Random story from my run: Since I’ve moved back home, I have found a bunch of old tshirts and stuff from hs that I had just left here. I tossed on an old long sleeve t for my run from my freshman year of high school when our soccer team won the section (WOO Go Lady Centurions!). Who do I run into in the park during my run? Yeah, my high school soccer coach and his family.  What a loser I must have looked like.Way to wear a 12 year old shirt, ass. Whatever, I thought it was funny.

Yesterday was an awesome training day. I did my 30 minute swim and it was just fun. I enjoyed not having to time myself or getting a certain number of lengths in. I just SWAM. When the 30 was up I wanted to swim more. I think that was good for my stroke, my head and my heart. Hopefully I can carry that into future swims.

After that, I did the Mt. Pleasant loop ALONE. I get lost on this route when I’m with people. I’ve done it a hundred times but I’m always with people that go different ways or we detour to make it longer, shorter, whatever. So I was nervous about getting lost and about my bike. We all know that for whatever reason I have had bad bike ju ju this season and since I was going pretty far out alone, I was worried something bad would happen. I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT! I haven’t had so much fun on a bike ever. I think because I was alone so wasn’t worried about what anyone else was doing, I could just do my thing and worry about myself and enjoy myself. I did have 3 times of being unsure of where I was. If you live in a flat state or aren’t familiar with country roads, you probably think I’m dumb. Trust me, back ass country roads have lots of twists and turns and all cows and fields start to look the same. The first time I got off my bike and looked for an arrow. Sue marks all of our courses at the start of the season with yellow arrows on the road so in case you get lost or are new to the ride, you know where to go. (I tried to take a picture of an arrow but a good chance never happened) At this intersection, I could NOT find an arrow. Damn. I took a chance and had a feeling and went left. I was right! The next time, I thought I went the right way, but when I ended up at a major intersection in a town we don’t go to, I knew I was in trouble. I called Sue and just turned around and caught back up where I messed up. By that time, my rear tire was making a funny noise again. WTH. I stopped at the next intersection I was confused about and it was rubbing on my frame. I was able to straighten it out and fix it with no issues, called Sue and finished my ride. Again, If I wouldn’t have had to go home for Easter dinner, I would have done more loops around buncher (a flat industrial park that we do THOUSANDS of loops around for a fast, flat workout). I also did my 15 minute run after that bike since I forgot my stuff on Thursday. Everything felt awesome. It was a great way to end the past few weeks of heavy workouts.

On my way home I stopped at the temp offices of the new LA Fitness that we are getting and made a new best friend. Jason is the boss and he wants to get the MTG’s some private pool time and really work with us at the new club. I am so excited for this place to open! Long story short, he’s cool, I’m pumped, MTG’s kick ass. Fun fact, I had my IMNY bike jersey on so thats my photo for my ID. Love it.

I would love to add more photos to my posts, but it’s a pain in the ass. I email them from my phone to my computer, download them to my computer then upload them to the site.  Blah. If anyone knows a less complicated process, please let me know. Here’s a photo from all the good stuff that happened yesterday:

Top Left: Me in Sue and I’s spot on the ride.

Top Right: Chocolate swimmer that my parents got me in my Easter basket. He’s cool. Idk what I’m going to do with him

Bottom: LA FITNESS KEY!!!!! It’s lame how excited I am about a gym opening.

Today I rested. Well, tried to. I had to work this morning, but after that I have been a bum on my couch with dogs on my lap. Tomorrow is a new run test, I hope the weather is nice.

Happy Easter, Bunnies!


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