I don’t really have anything to say but I’ve convinced myself to start posting more because when I look back and read this blog after IMNY I want to remember what I did and how it felt.

Yesterday I did a 45 minute run outside and it was just perfect. I’m really really loving and thankful for the amazing weather we have had. Couldn’t ask for anything better. Maybe it’s a sign on that I’m on the right path. I’m always shocked about how much I enjoy running now. I never EVER thought I would say that. I don’t get that “runners high” but I think it’s a combo of the amazing weather and heart rate training that makes it so enjoyable. Its never hard and never hurts. Granted this could all change with a rainy day or some longer/ harder workouts, but I’m enjoying being a runner for once.

I then attempted to swim. I say attempted because  I F*CKING HATE THE GREENSBURG YMCA!!!  I hope somehow the idiots that run that place read this and learn something. Yesterday was the 3rd TIME THIS SEASON that I haven’t been able to get in the pool because the schedule was wrong. I wont get into the long drawn out history I have with the bitch that is in charge of the pool, but shes a rude dumb ass.  Long story short, I freaked on the people and made them give me money back because I slugged the meter (yea, who pays to park at a gym? assholes) and couldn’t get in the pool because online it said open but on the paper schedule it didn’t (but still didn’t say no lap lanes, it just said 2 lanes). Last time, I was told to follow the online posts because they are updated daily. This time I was told if the conflict “just dont come then”. I told you the place was a joke. I ran some errands until I could get into the pool, which by then was packed with people that were in the same situation I was in plus people coming after work that wanted to swim PLUS two sets of swim lessons. I was so jacked off that I blew threw my swim. I honestly think it was probably the best swim I have done EVER because I was so pissed off.  I had a powerful pull, great turnover, and well within all my time zones. At least that was a bonus.

Today I did yoga, then sushi Thursday with Mattchew, then our long bike ride. Sue, you’re a liar face. The buncher ride will take longer that 2.5 hours. Fool. We did 3 loops of the “twin lakes route” which is what our team uses for training on Thursday nights during the summer. It’s  as flat as youre gonna get around here, but still a few climbs and fun downhills. Matt gets the ironman award today because he remembered his stuff to run after. I didn’t. I’ll run after Saturdays ride. Proud to report that my NEW tires did awesome and everything felt great. We both agreed we could have kept going. I had to play motivator at lunch. Matt has been CRAZY busy with work the past 3 weeks and we were both pretty tired and not really feeling a ride. Usually, I would love any excuse to get out of anything, but not this year. I guilted him into it and forced us to bust it out. Woo Ironman focus!

I have come up with a nifty solution to getting rides in when I’m busy with work:

Oh funeral humor. Nothing quite like it.

Now we are all up to speed on the last few workouts.

Update on Baby Jon: He is on medication for two weeks and then more tests. I bawled my eyes out yesterday when I asked how he felt and he said “sad”. Keep up the good vibes, please.

As soon as we get our new uniforms, I will post some updated photos. I hope they live up to the hype 😉

Question: I want to make this blog more user friendly. Any idea how I make pages that I could put links to blogs I like, how to get to my instagram and that kinda stuff? I have major blog envy when I surf the web and while I don’t think anything crazy cool, I would like to add some flair to my own little corner of the internet.



One Comment on “Standard”

  1. AlisaAllen says:

    Yay for you! Wait to kick butt this week and turn your pissed off into a good swim! I love when that happens.

    As for spicing up your blog. Go into your WordPress Dashboard and go down the list of menu items. SPend some time playing and figuring out what all the menu items do. Most of your changes will likely occur in your Widget settings. That’s where you can link your blog to Twitter, Facebook, and change your layout options. Honestly, that’s how I learned about mine, I just started playing around and seeing what settings do what. Good luck!

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