Month 4

Can you believe we are about half way through this journey? I can’t. It has gone SOOOO fast. August will be here before we know it. I’m shitting just thinking about it.

I was really hoping to be in 120’s starting April, however, I was 131 on the scale this morning. I dont think I gained a pound, I haven’t pooped (over share much?) in two days, so I think I’m just slightly bloated. I still have 4 months and a lot of long workouts will be starting, so I think as long as I dont completely fall off the wagon,my weight loss will remain steady. Sue wants me to start eating more calories so I’m going to do that.

Fun side note: I went to the Pens game today (boo Flyers) with my college roommate whom I haven’t seen since New Years. SHE CALLED ME “WAIF-ISH”!!!! One thing I am not is waif-ish, but she said this is the thinnest she has ever seen me. I love it. I felt good. Yay.  Now to get ride of the pudge and love handles. Maybe if I say it enough they will disappear.

Yesterday I attempted my first BRICK. I had noticed that peddling my bike seemed harder than usual and my bike was making a weird noise, so when I stopped at about 50 minutes to have a gel, I realized that my rear tire was rubbing my frame. Some dumb ass (me) pumped the tire too much and since the clearance between my tire and frame is so small, it was really rubbing bad. Ugh. I bargained with it to just make it back to my car, maybe about 6 miles away. I got about 3 away and heard the dreaded POP. Fuck. Sorry for the language, but that’s what I thought. I know how to change a tire, I have done it for people before and I had everything I needed so I got to the side of the road safely and started on my tire. 1. changing tires on deep rims are a BITCH. 2. once I got the tire off, I realized there was a hole in the wall of it. Fuck again. I had a spare tube of course, no tire. Luckily, my wonderful coach (Hi Sue) was able to come save my ass. She picked my bike up and took it to her house while I finished my run. I still have to go get a new tire (EXPENSIVE) so once that happens, I’ll end this story. I was super annoyed this happened, but I’ve gotten a lot better at rolling with the punches of the unexpected during training.

This morning I swam and really focused on slowing down my turnover and really having a powerful pull. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I apologize. I stayed in all my zones and while my arms were super burning, I wasn’t as worn out as I have been. Some old dude also told me I was a very good swimmer, so that was nice. Big fish, little pond people.

Trader Joes! At first I was going to do this big post, but then I realized you probably don’t care what I bought grocery shopping since that isn’t what this blog is about. I will share some of my favorites:

-A SHIT TON of produce. I think I bought one of everything

-COOKIE BUTTER! I have seen this “butter” thing all over food blogs, instagram and pinterest, so I wanted to jump on that. I love almond butter but dont love the calorie content. Cookie butter is basically graham crackers made into a spread and it is AMAZING! My fingers cant stay out of it. I mixed some in oatmeal and it was wonderful. Love it. I suggest you get some.

-Lentil chips. They are crispy, airy crackers. Very tasty. Add those to some white bean hummus and it is a perfect snack.

-Coco covered espresso beans. Remember I said I was craving chocolate? 😉

-Frozen Stuff

Random things for recipes I want to try and snacks

My pictures suck. I apologize.

Time for strength training!




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