Out of Sync

With posting!

Here’s the deal. Pretty much every day this week I had something little that I thought about making a short post about but then though ‘Naw, I’ll save it for my Thursday post so I have something to talk about” Well now it’s Thursday and I just got home from my FIRST EVER trip to Trader Joes and thats all I really want to talk about, but if I talk about everything, this post will be 17 pages long. So I’ll focus on training and eating and moods, aka the normal program and save the TJ’s post for later this weekend

With that out of the way, lets go with a day by day format.

Friday- I did a strength a run and a swim. All in the AM. Needless to say I woke up very early. I need to plan out my strength, swim workouts better. I find that If I do a strength too close to a swim, my arms get really tired and I suffer through my swim workout. Something to work on. Remember last week when I said I might have big exciting news? I went to look at the “perfect” house on Friday. I loved it, everything about it. It was beautiful and perfect and had everything I wanted. I was so pumped. Then I came home and started working on the numbers. I can’t afford it. More accurately, I would be crazy house poor and would have to give up tris and traveling and going out and pretty much everything I love to do so that I’d have money for the bills. As much as I love the house, I’m not willing to give up my life for it. It was a sad realization, but I’m ok with it now. Bummed out, but hopeful something else will come along.

Saturday- Ran, then second bike clinic in the AM. Sue had a little mishap so we ended up having to do it out in a parking lot. It worked out well. People love my bike, as well they should. I then worked all day Saturday. Woof

Sunday- Swam and ran (notice this run pattern) and then worked all day. My weekends suck. At this point it was going on three weeks that I hadn’t gone grocery shopping, so my meals were getting creative, but I made it work. I did treat myself to a mini DQ mint Oreo blizzard sunday night and it was delicious. A well deserved and reasonable treat.

Monday-got up at the BUTT CRACK of dawn. Thats a lie, dawn was a few hours off, and got my long run in before work since it was going to be an early day. I did it on the treadmill and it was the first run in a long time that was just sucky. It didn’t hurt, it was just hard and boring. My legs felt heavy and I never got into a good groove. I realized about 50 minutes in that I had been running everyday for the past 6 days and I haven’t done that since soccer camp. Explains the sore, tired legs. After work, my mom (I call her Woman) and I went to Kohls and the mall. I got a ton of workout clothes (size small people!) and some cute shirts on sale. I love fitting into clothes and looking not pudgy in them. It’s awesome.  We then went to the mall and I got beautiful coach heels. Mmmmm shoes. Woman want’s Red Lobster. What? Who actually chooses to go there outside of high school when you think it’s fancy? I had a really gross dinner. It was supposed to be red snapper but it had all this nasty creamy buttery crap on it and it just tasted bad. I hardly ate any of it and by this time I just wanted to go home and lay down. Monday night I was wiped, so much in fact I was worried I as starting to get sick. I popped a ton of zicam before bed and willed myself to wait two weeks to get sick (next cut back week)

Tuesday- Rest day! Thank God. Came at the perfect time. All I needed was a day to sleep in (7:30 is the latest I can sleep) and hang out and not run around all day. I laid in my Pjs all day (a benefit of working from home) and just enjoyed having nothing to do. I didn’t even go outside which was fine because the weather is being a jerk and got cold again. By Tuesday evening, I was bored and ready for something to do and not feeling sick at all. YAY body. You rock

Wednesday- We had a nasty hail storm again so I had put the kabosh on doing my brick outside, but then it got nice and Matt got his in. Jealous. I went to Liggy and did my spin and swim. Neck got tight halfway through the swim but seems fine today. I’ll keep my eye on that. Woman and my seester came too and go figure, Womans first workout in 3 years and we end up at the bar after. I had water. The bartender remembered I had water the last time. My reputation is ruined.

Before I get to today, I have to add a disclaimer to all of these days. I have been BAD at the snacking thing. I do fine eating all day until about an hour after dinner, then its a bite of this and a taste of that until bed. It’s not even anything tempting or delicious, it’s just out of boredom. I thought I had broken that habit, but it came back this week with a vengeance. I’ve also been craving sweets. I’ve always been more of a salty crunchy chip snack girl. I told my mom how much I’ve wanted sweets and she got me a chocolate bunny. I told myself I’d only eat the ears. I ate the shit outta that bunny. Then later last night she brought home cake from a bday party she was ate. I ate the shit outta that cake. I want to say I felt bad, but I didn’t. I watch CONSTANTLY, so although I was afraid that the scale would be bad today, I accepted that it might be and would have to restrict the snacks. Ok moving on.

Today!-Woke up earlier than I had planed thanks to the road work happening outside my house. I usually weigh myself as soon as I get out of bed, but today I almost forgot about it until I was getting ready to leave for the day. The scale said 130. The lowest number so far. I can’t figure out how that is with all the snacks I’ve been having, I guess I’m just burning more calories that I thought. Thats a good thing. I’m very excited with my progress. Lets get rid of these love handles and I’ll be pumped. I can see my body changing and I like it, it just has a long way to go. Hopefully I’ll be Tri suit ready by August. I went to breakfast with my friend and his family for his birthday at Ihop. Hard to eat healthy there but they gave some suggestions and I followed them. Then I had yoga. Love yoga, wish it was longer. Met Matt for lunch then Trader Joes! I stopped at a beer distributor on the way home and scored a case of Pear Magners and Woodchuck Private reserve. Not sure why I got these guys being I havent had a drink at home since before new years, but I’m glad to have them. Woodchuck only makes 100 cases a year! It will take me about 7 years to get through them, but at least I have the option. Go me.  Now I’m home and I’m gonna go get a strength workout in and then go see the Hunger Games with my friend Amy. I’m pumped for that. This was kind of a light training week, which was good. It’s nice having some free time, but not too much.

Next post will be all about Trader Joes! And whatever else I feel like.

Final note: Dozer, my sisters puppy, lost his manhood today. No more balls! Here he is, looking embarrassed, after surgery.



One Comment on “Out of Sync”

  1. betty says:

    you and i are so freakin’ alike.. i was crying all day yesterday because of our house situation. we told the guy we were going with other options, so he said he would re-run the numbers.. yeah, thats what i thought. it just sucks when people try to take advantage of girls/first time home buyers.. add 2 girls to the mix and its worse. luckily we had barbaras dad along the way to tell us what to do. UGHHHH. sorry, i’m venting on your way.. thats what my blog for. i think i need to drop the sweat, study.. and just say eat, sleep, repeat.. because that is ALL I DO THESE DAYS.

    yay for trader joes!!! i love that place.. ours is on the other side of the country.. so we dont get there a lot 😦

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