Thursday again

I don’t really have much to say that is any different from my last few posts. Training is going really well, eating is going well too. I’m mainly posting because it’s Thursday and I have to, and I have about 40 minutes before  head to the bike clinic.

Sue puts on a clinic ever year for the team members who are new to cycling or looking to get new stuff.It’s fun mainly because I get to show off my bike and I love doing that. Just being honest.

I don’t know how you daily bloggers do it. I have nothing of any significance to say. Ok, well thats a lie. I do have a big HUGE thing happening tomorrow but I don’t want to jinx myself by talking about it yet, so I’ll hold off until I see how it goes. Nothing tri related, just big girl life related.

My weight hasn’t changed much the past few weeks. I think it’s because 1. its my special time of the month (you’re welcome for knowing that) and 2. I have been snacking more at night. After all my workouts, I’m just hungry, so I do eat healthy snacks. Jan and Feb I wouldn’t let that happen, but I’m truly hungry when I snack, so I am feeding myself. Just have to be aware of making the right choices.Random people have been telling me I’ve lost a lot of weight, so that’s a plus. I just hate sounding like a douche when they ask me how. I’m not gonna lie and say it’s easy or “you can do it, too!” Because it’s hard and it sucks sometimes and if I didn’t have my Iron goal I probably wouldn’t be doing it. I also don’t want to sound like I’m better than anyone or think I’m special because I am working this hard, so I just smile and say thanks and change the subject.

I’ve been outside for every ride the past two weeks except the one that I had to do on the trainer. I love being outside. I’m outside right now at panera typing this. I didn’t buy anything. Don’t tell. Sun burn is good. Remind me of that when I’m 40 and look like a purse.

Since I am just sitting here staring into space trying to think of something to entertain you, I’m gonna sign off. Hopefully I’ll have very exciting news to share in the next post so look forward to that.

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