I’m in love, I’m in LOVE and I don’t care who knows it!

With global warming!!! 😀 I mean, I love polar bears as much as the next girl, but sorry frozen ice caps, 78 degree weather in March will ALWAYS win.


Swim- Still feeling sluggish. Not as bad as Sunday was, but yesterday morning at times I felt like I wasn’t moving! I was in my time zones, but it just didn’t feel smooth like normal. Again, I think it’s just a fluke thing. I am swimming with Sue tomorrow (Iron Beer after!) so hopefully if it’s like that again, she will be able to see if it’s my body or my mind.

BIKE: AHHHHHHH!!!!! I was out for 2.5 hours yesterday and an hour today and I FREAKING LOVED IT!!! I love my bike.. Love it Love it. Love it. I am in a three way relationship with my bike and global warming. Be jealous. A few photos of the pure bliss of the past two days:

My “self” (lady bits, pikachu, soft tissue, etc) was not pleased about being on my bike seat today and my legs were tired but besides that it was awesome.

Run: I did manage to get my long run in on Monday and it felt great. This zone thing has really made easier running on me and I am running the same distance in the same about of time but it’s just so much easier because I’m at a constant pace instead of killing it for awhile then having to recover. The only sucky thing about my run was I did it in the “bad” part of town and got yelled at by my dads friend who drove by me. I appreciate the concern and I do know better than to be down there, but it was daylight so I thought it was ok. Lame that I live in a place where this is an issue.

Food: I’m hungry a lot. I’m working on it. I’m getting annoyed with worrying about food all the time, but I’m working on it

Strength: I did one session on Monday and am still really liking my new program. I noticed I didn’t lose anything and was actually able to do more reps since taking a week off during my cut back. I was going to do another session yesterday, but I ended up having to move all my shit AGAIN from the place I was storing it. The building was sold, so now I need to find a place to keep all my shit until I find a house. It is currently in a garage, and filling up 3 cars because I have NO WHERE to put my household stuff. This really stresses me out and I feel shitty about it. I wish I had my shit together, but being an Ironman is putting a serious crunch in my wallet. All the money I was saving for a house is pretty much going to gear, races, and travel. I had a slight break down yesterday, but the sunshine and bike ride helped. Having a beer would have been a nice end to the day, but I held back.

Sun;s back out, so I’m gonna go work on these funky tan lines I’ve got going on. SUNBURNED IN MARCH I F*CKING LOVE IT

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