Weekend wrap up

Just wanted to make a short post to document some happening over the past few days before I go work on my next 4 week calendar.

I haven’t weighed myself at all this week because of the cut back week. Next week there will be a number update

Swim- I did my test on Friday and really kicked my ass at it. I truly went as fast as I could with begin able to finish the 1,000 and my time was 16:08. I was really happy with that. Today I did my first workout with the new zones and it was TOUGH. I’m hoping I didn’t shoot myself in the foot trying to kill myself to get a good time. This morning just wasn’t a good swim. It never felt right, I never felt like I got into a groove, it just fought me the whole time. I know it’s normal to have a workout like that every now and then so I’m not to worried about it yet, if I am finding that the new zones are just not working, I’ll have to re test and adjust.

Bike- Its supposed to be beautiful out this week, so I hope I get to ride outside at least once. Even if it isn’t my long one, I just love being outside.

Run- Who would have ever thought that I don’t hate running? I think it’s because I’ve lost some weight and with the training zones its just so much more comfortable. Another way to be outside. Love it

Food- I’m kinda over my fancy pintreset recipes. They are delicious and I do love to cook, but I miss just the simple easy clean food. So I think this week I’m gonna just eat less fussy, but still tasty.

Beer- It’s getting nice out. My most favorite thing to do ever ever, ever ever, is day drink outside. This is gonna be hard.


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