Cut Back/ Test Week II

I’m sleepy.

Might be a combo of the craptastic rain we are having today and the fact that I have been having such vivid dreams that I don’t think I am sleeping well. My plan is once I’m done here to go home and catch a quick nap before my meeting tonight. First meeting as vice president of the Westmoreland, Indiana, Armstrong Co. Funeral Directors Association. That’s right, bitches. I’m important (not really).

Due to the meeting, I am missing the first uniform try on tonight. I’m sad to say that after 5 years I am retiring my original MTG uniform and getting a new one. My girl has been loved a lot the past few years and I need a new one to get me through IMNY. There is also lots of other fun stuff to buy. Hoodies, Hats, Bras, Jackets, Socks, you think of it and most likely we’ll stick the MTG on it. We love her.I will be going to get new stuff on Monday

Goodbye Old Girl, we’ve had some good times.

I am NERVOUS. What if I don’t look the way I want in the uniform? What If I’m still the same size? I know I still have months to go, but I know if I don’t see progress I’m gonna be totally deflated. More incentive to be extra mindful of my diet the next few days, especially with it being a cut back week.

CUT BACK WEEK! Love it/ hate it. Love not having every second my day planned out, hate not getting the calories burned. I also feel like I get behind in my weight training this week because I don’t get to do it at all.

Sunday- Swim. Felt good, nice and easy. Doing my swim test tomorrow and I have a feeling I will be a lot slower that my last time.I have been swimming slower than usual, so we’ll see how it plays out

Monday- 90 min Bike 45 minute run (I talked about this already)

Tuesday- REST DAY. That was nice. I drank beer and didn’t feel bad about it

Wednesday- Cycling test. My HR was a lot lower than last time. I haven’t gotten my zones back from Sue yet so I don’t know the difference yet, but just comparing my average from last time seems a lot lower. I then did the spin class for shits and giggles. Basically as an excuse to burn more calories. Also, I am Sues driver on Wednesdays, so I go when she goes. It’s part of my duty as team captain (jokes). After, I did a fun swim. It was actually really challenging because it’s drills and strokes that I normally don’t do. I did end up cutting it short because I was just dicking around and the pool was packed with new people who needed to be there with Sue, so I just got out and hung in the sauna.

Thursday- Run test. Not gonna lie, wasn’t super motivated to do this today. I was tired and slightly cranky and just wasn’t in the mood. It’s not that I didn’t want to do it, my heart just wasn’t in it. I still did it and did well if I say so. I ran my test portion at 7.5 (8 min mile) which is faster than last time and the longest I’ve ran at that speed consistently (you have to do a 5 min warm up, 10 min gradual increase to the fastest speed you can run for 20 minutes). Felt beat up when I was done, but that’s the point, my Average HR was 179.45 and I have no idea how that compares to last time, so I’ll be anxious to find out. I also did yoga today. I love yoga

Friday- Swim test

Saturday- Rest day

So yeah, I think that’s about all I have. My sisters bday is Sunday HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY!!! Saturday I am going with my friend to pick up her wedding dress. I would like to be wasted for this event, but that isnt possible. Sigh.

I need a vacation. Just to get away from here and relax for a few days. Can someone please make that happen?

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