I’m not miserable today, hooray!

I don’t really have much to report, so we’ll go with a list format today:

1. Got my new wetsuit! I love it, it’s bad ass. I hope I like it in the water. Verdict is still out on the size, it’s tight around my neck but thats about it.

2. It’s a cut back week, but I had a great workout. I did my 90 minute ride and realized that I’m dumb and of course I can watch the TV shows I download on itunes on my phone. DUH. iPhone>Sayya. Anyway, I downloaded season 1 of Dexter since I’ve heard its good. Now I have something to pass the time. Yay! Then I ran 45 min and it was hard good. I was able to go up to zone 4 and that worked out to a pretty good clip on the treadmill. I felt much better after sweating my craptastic weekend out.

3. I MADE AMAZING SOUP! Jess, if you read this, I am even more obsessed with you (didn’t think that was possible)! People, MAKE THIS SOUP. It is so full of flavor and texture and it’s filling but not heavy and HEALTHY!!! Lots of veggies friends. This is a winner. Make it now, you’re welcome.I linked it up there, but incase you missed it Chickpea Chicken Soup

That’s about it. Just wanted everyone to know I pulled myself out of my funk again. Tomorrow is a rest day. Have a great one!


2 Comments on “Better”

  1. AlisaAllen says:

    So, I was reading your post this morning and Tim came over and saw the picture of your in your wetsuit. Our conversation went a little bit like this. Tim: “Who’s that?” Me: “That’s Sara in her new wetsuit.” Tim: “Daaaammmmnnnn, she looks good!”

    Hope that made your day! But you do, you do look good! All your hard work is starting to definitely show. What was it that I saw on Pinterest: It takes 2 weeks for you to notice, 6 weeks for your friends to notice and 12 weeks for the world to notice…. I think.

    It’s definitely noticed! YEAH!!!!

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