Two Months!


We have been doing this for 60 days now. Thanks for sticking with me this far, we have a long way to go!

First! I weighed myself this morning to see what 60 days of hard work and dedication worked out to. My weight is 133.5 for a total loss of 22.5 lbs. Yes, I am pumped that I have lost that much but as I have stated many times, I wish my body would catch up. I’m starting to think what if I never get the shape I’m after? Again, not a six pack or anything crazy, just no rolls or flub. Which brings me to my next topic.

Sue had me up my calorie intake from 1200 to 1500. She originally wanted me to do 1700-2000 but I begged to be at 1500 during March. I KNOW that I am burning a shit ton of calories and my body needs fuel to be able to train to accomplish this crazy goal, I’m just worried that if I start upping calories already, I’ll stall at this weight. When we start int the really long endurance workouts, I’ll be ok with taking in more as the deficit will HAVE to be offset, but while I still can, I want to maximize my potential loss.

I noticed today how much easier running is. It dawned on me that a reason my knees probably aren’t hurting is because I’ve taken 20 lbs of weight off of them. Running is enjoyable for the first time in my life. Obviously training has played a huge part it, but losing the weight has also and that makes me feel really good.

Dear Jesus, Please take away my love handles and I will quit bitching and be happy and content with myself for the first time ever. Thanks! Sayya

IMNY (Ironman New York) posted a bunch of videos this week of the run course. Kids, we have two sets of serious stairs to climb. What.The.Hell. Also, there is a SHIT TON of long grades and steep climbs, plus its like an obstacle course to run across the George Washington bridge. Bring it. It pumped me up. I wanna start running bleachers to get ready. I want this to be the hardest thing I ever do so that when I’m done I am totally and completely in awe of myself. Is that lame and self centered to say? I dont care, I’m putting in the work, I’ll feel how I want.

They also already deemed that it will be a wetsuit legal race. This means that in accordance with USAT regulations, the water temperature will be at a degree that is safe and encouraged to wear wetsuits. Are you impressed with that fancy mumbo jumbo? There is a lot more detail that I could go into about how this is decided and how it can affect the overall outcome of the race, but I wont bore you with that. After this announcement, I got the bug up my ass that IHADTOBUYALONGSLEEVEWETSUITRIGHTNOW. Back up a second, I HATE WETSUITS!! My first race banned wetsuits because the water is so warm in that lake, so my whole first year of doing this not only did I not use a wetsuit, I didn’t OWN a wetsuit. After I finally got one, I hated it. I feel like I cant breath, it compresses my chest and neck and it rubs. It fits properly, I just hate what it is supposed to do. People often talk about how they make you “faster” in the water and all that crap, and not tooting my own horn, but I swim faster without a wetsuit then some people with, so I used it. Last year I started in embrace it more because I was doing longer swims and needed it for warmth. The one I had was a “farmer jane” or sleeveless model and it was ok for the tiny bit I ever used it. I managed to put a whole in it during the first race I used it in last year, (1 out of 2 races mind you) so I knew I was going to need a new one for this year anyway. I was hoping that they would not allow wetsuits for NY, just because I hate them and I think it makes it more fair if everyone either has one or doesn’t.

Wow. Geez. Sorry, that was a really long way to tell you that I ordered a new wetsuit yesterday. Woof. Take a breath, Sayya. Review and photos of new suit once it’s in approved by yours truly.

Lets see, what other details of my life can I bore you with?

Swim- did 2000 straight last night. Felt good. I’m getting better at staying in my zones. still working on my glide

Bike- its cold and windy out so my hour ride is being forced inside. planning on making it out tomorrow for 2.5 hours. then beer after!

run- long run and short guy today all felt awesome. I could have kept going and actually enjoyed the time outside just listening to music. What happened to me?!

Next week is our second cut back/ test week. Not gonna lie, little nervous about these tests. I’m worried that either A. I wont do as well as I should or B. I’ll do too well and make the next block of training redic hard on myself. I guess we’ll see what happens.

Food! I made some delicious foods this week! I am going to Whole Foods on Sunday after my swim so I am going to get all my crap I need to make more fun healthy stuff

I made

-Cocoa banana muffins (did I mention these?)

-Chia Strawberry jam- Nuke a bag of frozen strawberries (or fruit of choice) and mash with tsp of water, 2tbsp of chia seeds and 1 tbsp of aguave nectar

-Avocado cream pasta. Mash a super ripe avocado with some plain chobani, add lime juice, cilantro (you can leave it out, Betty) salt and pepper and mix with pasta of choice (I used brown rice noodles) I also added some tuna. It was fantastic and flavorful!

-Mocha protein shake (Thanks Janetha!)- 3/4 cup cold coffee, 1/2 cup milk of choice, 15 ice cubes, 1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, 1/8 tsp each xanthan &guar gums (optional). Blend and suck that down! Tasty đŸ™‚

Sayya, where are the pictures? Well kids, I went on a tirade and deleted a bunch from my phone so they are lost forever. If you follow me on instagram, you have seen them.

I’m sure as soon as I post this I will think of 14 other things I wanted to share. I always think of stuff I want to talk about, then forget about it or deem it unimportant.

Have a great one!


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