Techincal Difficulties (a long post)

Get comfy, kids. I have a lot to cover, so I’ve decided to do a time line type post to bring you all up to speed on the past few days. It’s the best way I can figure out to go over all this crap without being complete random rambling mess.

Thursday afternoon:

So remember when I said I wasn’t going to ride outside? Well I changed my mind. When I got home, it was overcast but still warm out, so I decided to go for an hour ride around my house. About 1/2 mile from my house, there is a back road that is a grade for about a mile then back down a mile. It’s similar (on a small scale) to the Pittsburgh Triathlon course, and one of the only safe routes from my house, so it’s my go to. During the ride,  heard a vibrating sound, which I thought was just the CO2 cartridge in my saddle pack. When I got to the drop of the grade (turn around point) I pulled it out and all seemed to be fine. Went down, back up and started back down which at this point is about 30 min into my hour ride when all hell broke loose. All of a sudden, I heard a loud crash, ran over something, and felt something hitting my leg. I looked down and saw my water bottle, cage, and bracket that held my battery pack (remember, I have Di2 electronic shifting) was all gone and my battery was hanging by the cord on the side of my bike. I started freaking out. I got to a safe pull of spot and assessed the damage. I would be lying if I said I was calm and reasonable. I WAS SOBBING AND SCREAMING ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD. I thought that I had just completely destroyed a bike that cost more than my first two cars combined. I called Matt who has had the Di2 for two years now and was a complete nut case. After he calmed me down enough to be able to form words, I assured him I wasn’t hurt but described what I was looking at. He promised me I didn’t do anything wrong and it was all fixable and not my fault and he wasn’t mad. I then called my dad to have him come pick me up. He drove me back up the road to find the pieces that broke off. We only got the caged. Here is a picture of what it all looked like when I got home

It doesn’t look horrible, I know. I over reacted, I know. But I was SCARED. Luckily, I was able to take it to Big Bang Bikes the next day and get my baby fixed. All I needed was longer screws, an easy fix. Looking back, I am kinda annoyed it happened, as I could have been hurt or done serious damage to my bike, but I am thankful it wasn’t bad and more importantly got fixed.

Thursday Night:

After all the afternoon drama, I still had my strength training. It kinda worked out well because as soon as I got everything taken care of with Cervelo, I used all my adrenaline to pump some serious iron. Ok, not really, but I did get a good sweat session and kicked my butt with the heavier weights/ more resistance. I felt good after and more relaxed since I burned off some of that stress. I was also proud because the old me would have called it a day and went to Pepperwood for drinks with the team. I skipped that all together due to the mishaps of the day, my early am wake up call the next day, and just wanting to relax. Geez. Talk about a 180. I used to be the girl that got there EARLY to get a good buzz on before everyone else got there. Chalk it up to the road to ironman.

Friday REALLLLLLLY early Am:

I woke up at the butt crack of dawn (that’s a like, it was HOURS before dawn) to get in my long swim and a 40 minute run. As soon as Imoved,I immediately regretted my decision to “kick my butt” the previous evening. I WAS SORE!! I could barely raise my arms to put my hoodie on. Oh yes, swimming 2450 yards was going to be a blast.

I ended up modifying my workout slightly, as I couldn’t take the soreness. I still did the whole thing, but where I was supposed to “kick” after 5 sets of intervals, I kicked after every 2 sets. My arms were burning so bad and I kept saying “OW” out loud every time I did a stroke. Woof. Again, even though I had to change it a little, proud of me. Old Sara would have opened one eye, thought” screw it” and rolled over. I would have felt guilty about it, but wouldn’t have done anything to make it right. Go new me.  The run after was fine. Boring 40 on the treadmill but I’m getting the hang of the running HRM deal, so that’s good.

Friday day/ evening: After I got home from the bike shop, I let my aunt and dad leave work early, mainly because there was nothing going on and I just wanted the house to myself. My dad went to our cabin and my mom and sister are in Disney. They are running the Disney Princess Half Marathon tomorrow. I would cheer them on but I’m pissed they are there (again) so they are bitches. You’re welcome. I was automatically bored, so I started cranking out some pinterest recipes. Under the “Recipes I’ve Made” board, I made Chocolate Banana Protein muffins (very dense, very tasty), crispy edamame(disappointing), and baked avocado fries (ok, not great). I realize it would be easier if I linked all those specific sites, but I’m still learning at this, so please forgive me. If you can’t find something you want on my board, leave a comment and I’ll send the direct link (or at least try to). I also made a variation of a bean salad that my friend in Florida makes. I didn’t have any black beans so I used kidney. Here is a basic idea of what to use and how much. I can’t call it a recipe because I made it up as I went and didn’t measure and used what I had. I love hominy. Thank God I didn’t want to have a food blog:

Sayyas random Bean and Hominy salad

1 can beans (I’ve used black or kidney), rinsed and drained

1 can Hominy (rinsed and drained)

few sliced of red onion chopped up. however much you like

feta cheese. again, whatever tastes good to you

cilantro- to taste

rice wine vinegar- about 1/8 cup. maybe? idk eye ball it so its not swimming but not dry

a packet of truvia or whatever sweetener you like

mix that shit up and eat it. deeeeelicious

See why I could never have a food blog. Just wait, there is another one coming.

So yeah, that was my crazy fun Friday night. Party animal.


Guinny and I slept in. I wanted to sleep longer. Guinny wanted to pee. We enjoyed a quiet morning without people yappin at us or a real reason to get dressed. God, I miss my own place. Anyway, over coffee I was instagram stalking and everyone was posting amazing looking breakfasts. I didn’t really feel like making anything until I saw all the photos and got inspired. This is what I landed on (buckle up for another awesome “recipe” ).

Sayyas “Its a lazy Saturday and there is no one here to bother me so I’m gonna use up a bunch of random leftovers to make a Fritatta” Fritatta (Betty, you asked for it!)

Red onion- I used about 1/8 cup chopped

Sm. Yellow pepper- chopped

Mushrooms- 1/4 cup chopped

Sm. Tomato-chopped

Baby Spinach- 1/2 cup

2 eggs

splash of skim milk

salt/pepper to taste

I added all the veggies, in order, in a small skillet and let them cook down a bit, then I cracked the eggs and mixed them with a little milk in a separate cup then poured that into the veggie mixture. I turned the heat way back and covered it. I have no idea how long it took to cook, just keep your eye on it. I did turn the heat off eventually and just left the lid on to finish the eggs without burning the bottom. Here is what mine looked like

It was amazing and huge. I ate about half of it, so keep that in mind when you are doing the ingredients. Also, you can add/ use whatever you want. Thats what I did. Basically just cleaned out a draw of dying veggies. Fantastic breakfast if I do say so myself.

Saturday PM:

Dun Dun DUUNNNN. Time for my last workout of the week, a 2 hour and 15 minute bike ride. Outside? LOVE IT! Today? Not so much. Of course we got like 2 inches of snow last night, so white lighting would not being seeing pavement today. I mentally readied myself for how much the trainer was going to SUCK. I bought a season of Dexter on iTunes to watch while I rode. I put on new workout clothes and felt good in them, set up my bike, water and phone and new peanut butter GU to try, and started on my way. Evey thing was fine. I was comfy, wasn’t miserable and was working on getting my heart rate in the zone it needed to be. While I was doing that, I was going through my gears, seeing how they felt and acquainting myself to my new shifting system. As I’m doing so, I push the button to down shift the rear derailleur and nothing happens. I figured I just did it too fast, so I pressed again. Nothing. Cue frantic pushing of buttons. No noise (it makes a cool spaceship sound when it changes gears. so badass), no movement, no nothing. Enter frantic call to Matt. I explain what is or rather, isn’t happening and his response is “That doesn’t sound good, never happened to me, call Glenn”. Jesus. In less than three days I have had nike issues. What the HELL! I call the tech dude (again) and he is very nice to me. I think he feels bad that my bike is revolting against me. He quickly is able to determine the problem (the rear cable was caught between my skewer and the trainer and giggled itself lose) and helped me to fix it (Cut tape holding wire tight to allow room to move out of the way when on trainer, re tape when on the road. Happens a lot, didn’t hurt anything). Ok great. So now I’m back on the bike with LOTS of time (think 2 hours worth, oh yea, this happened about 15 min into my ride) to think about why my bike hates me. Last year, I popped a chain every race. This year, I’ve been on it 3 times and twice I have had an issue. I’ve always felt that I wasn’t deserving/ good enough for the bike and now he is making it known he feels the same way. Sorry buddy, you’re stuck with me so you better get used to it. Aside from my lady bits being unhappy, the ride didn’t completely blow. I was aero for 90% of it, but was unable to get my heart rate where it needed to be. I was working REALLY hard and not even close to my zone 4 numbers. Sue, we gotta look at that.

Red faced and sweating like a pig but barely in Zone 2. I was using my new Garmin for the first time, so maybe something with that was off. Idk.

OK kids. I talked your ear off enough for the day, just wanted to fill you all in on what an exciting weekend it has been. To night will consist of making soup and being lazy in my pajamas. Swim and strength tomorrow!

Have a great weekend, guys!


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