I barely have anything to say. I’m kinda bored with this, but I have to stick to it. Lets make it short and sweet and do a workout run down and maybe I’ll have something fun to post over the weekend.

Swim- I am slowing down and working on my technique. Whomever would have thought that swimming could be so complicated. I feel like I am doing well, but it’s frustrating that after 5 years and it being the strongest of my three disciplines, I still have a lot of corrections. I HATE swimming slow. I get bored and distracted and lose count and unless I’m making the effort do work on my corrections, I think I get sloppy. I have a feeling that after the next cut back week, I’m gonna wish for these slow workouts, but right now, I’m over it.

Biking- Woof. I love riding my bike outside. I love spin class when I can do the class. I HATE THE TRAINER. I hate doing the workouts inside. Everything hurts and it seems much harder than I needs to be. That being said, I live in Pittsburgh, so I better get used to it. It is beautiful and sunny today but after my freezing birthday ride, I’m gonna wait for it to warm up before I venture back out again. Maybe I’ll do my long ride on Saturday outside again, for todays hour I’m gonna try and suck it up and do it on the trainer for the first time this season. Sorry lady bits.

Run- I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. My runs have been easy and without pain. I am trying to baby my knee and hips and take the best  care I can of them to hold off the pain as long as I can. So far, so good, but I’m not dumb enough to think I will enjoy a pain free season. I just hope that I can keep it under control. I don’t hate running anymore, sometimes, if the sun is shinning and the right song comes on, I almost like it. Who am I?

Strength- got my new program and that shit is HARD. It’s more weights and muscle building than cardio, which I like because I feel like a real athlete and not the chubby girl trying to be one.

Speaking of weight, according to the scale this morning I was at 136 which means a loss of twenty pounds. I got off and stepped back on to take a picture of the numbers and it said 137.5. WTH. I know weight fluctuates during the day, but hell, not with less than a minute. So until I have a firm number that I am at for a few days, I will not be celebrating my 20 lbs loss. I do have to say my workout clothes look better. I felt bad ass today in my new running tights and IM jacket and USAT hat. I took a picture but you couldn’t really see so just pretend that I looked cool.

Ok kids, I’m gonna go catch up on some of my blogs and go to target and get some weights (15 lbs bitches!) and then head home to face off with the hell that IS the bike trainer.

two side notes:

1.Sue received some very exciting news last night about the team, but I will wait to share that until we have all the details. Lets just say this could be EPIC

2.I have decided that if my tax return is more that half of the cost of a Tour de France proform bike, I’m gonna get one. Saving for a house be damned, I need it.


2 Comments on “Thursday!”

  1. betty says:

    i swore, once i got my full time position, i was going to save half my paycheck.. well 2 paychecks down and i have a vitamix and zrii in the mail and no money in savings (which barbara and i are going to be buying one soon!) don’t give up on the blog! i love reading your posts! and happy almost 20 lbs lost!

  2. AlisaAllen says:

    Holy Schmoly! Almost 20 pounds?!!! You rock girl. What’s your goal weight? I’m about 2-3 pounds away from mine. I’m proud of you! And in all seriousness, this is your blog, you document what you want. Don’t try and entertain us! We’re just curious to see what it takes to train for an ironman! I can’t wait to see pics!


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