Birthday Weekend Recap

Friday- The Great Guinness Toast

Jana made me this. Best.Present.EVER!

Saturday-Actual Day of Birth

It was freezing and windy but I made it out for a 20 mile ride on my bday 🙂

Sunday- we went to the AutoShow. In my excitement and lust over seeing a LF-A in person, I didn’t take a single photo. Ass.

How was your weekend?!

One Comment on “Birthday Weekend Recap”

  1. AlisaAllen says:

    Okay, I’m catching up. 1) HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Looks like you had a blast! 2) Awesome bike! And koudos to you for riding 20 miles in the wind! 3) Love Guinney! Too cute! 4) Totally can see the weight loss on you. You are looking great, keep up the good work! 5) Love the Iron Man cup!!!!

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