Sadness, but a new out look

Hi friends,

I’m assuming most of you are either my fb or instagram friends, thus you already are aware of my bad news. We had to put my husky mix, Toby, down yesterday morning.

He was so handsome.

We adopted Toby a little over 10 years ago from a shelter where he was the next to be killed. I loved him from the minute I saw him. He was 13 (we think) when he died from a tumor that ruptured his spleen and he was bleeding internally. The vet assured us he wasn’t in any pain, just weak and very anemic from the blood loss. We didn’t know he had the tumor, in fact just a few months ago, he was presenting with the same troubles (listless, bloated stomach, wouldn’t eat or drink) and it turns out he was just constipated. We rushed him to the vet and paid 182 dollars for him to take a shit. Obviously, this has become a favorite family joke.

Hims so cute.

Needless to say, after my shit-tastic Friday, and Saturday being the day Toby died thus making it miserable and sucky as well, I needed some well deserved me time. Sue told me to take yesterday to just take care of myself, not to worry about diet or workouts. I didn’t do a workout and honestly didn’t eat anything until we went  my favorite bar for dinner/Tobys wake. I treated myself to a few pieces of Jayhawk wing pizza (pizza with chicken, blue cheese, hot sauce and more melted cheese on it. Yes. It’s amazing and I havent had it in MONTHS) as well as more than a few chucks. Lets just say I paid for my sins. I was surprised that I wasn’t hungover, being my tolerance isn’t what it was but I was horribly sick from about 4am-10 from the greasy cheesy fatty pizza that my system is NOT used to. Due to this, no weigh in or photo from the swim this am. I didn’t want to weigh myself the morning after a free night and I honestly forgot to take the picture.I did have an awesome swim though, It felt like everything clicked. Strength training felt good, too. Maybe I needed that day more than I realized.

I am out of the funk I was in on Friday, but still kinda disappointed about my current life situation. This too shall pass. I am ready to get back into training and clean eating, but the day off was really nice. Just sad due to the reason I got to have it.

Hope everyone had a better weekend than I did!


One Comment on “Sadness, but a new out look”

  1. betty says:

    ugh.. what a crappy weekend 😦 so sorry to hear.. i’m in the same boat (the more stories that come up, the more we are alike and its CRAZY).. they had to put my childhood jack russell down about a month ago.. very sad day.. and i didn’t even get to say goodbye 😦

    toby was a very beautiful dog and i hope the others don’t mourn his loss, too hard! keep your head up! your doing great! love ya!

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