A week later

Holy cow, has this been a hell of a week. I was CRAZY busy at work and training pretty much took up the rest of my time. I am looking forward to hopefully having a relaxing low key weekend.

Training has been going great. I have a few kinks to work out as far as scheduling what workouts when, but besides that, all is going smoothly. Lactic threshold training (did your eyes just roll in the back of your head? Don’t worry, I’m not going to even attempt to explain what it means) is a whole new beast to wrap my head around. I’m the type of person that goes goes goes until I bonk and then I’m miserable and cursing the day Sue was born. (It happened. Once. It was a bad bike ride) By following the guidelines set with the testing I did last week, I limit my pace in the three sports so that I am able to go for a longer period of time at a constant pace. Its an adjustment, but so far I’m doing well with it.

Oh. Hi. I’m at 16.5 lbs weight loss. Should I be more excited? I am, but I”ve been at this weight before. As soon as I see a number flash that I havent seen since college is when I’ll do the happy dance. Physical changes also. Yes my clothes fit again, but I feel I still have the same body shape, just smaller. Not the goal here, self. We want an appealing body shape, not one of an overweight toddler. I am going to celebrate though by treating myself to a new GPS Heart Monitor huge watch bad ass triathlete thing. I just need to decide which one and if I am really in a place to drop almost 400 bucks on one. The answer is no, but damn, I want it and can justify using it. I’ll keep you updated as to what happens with that.

Almost forgot. Sunday funday photo! Being it’s Thursday and I will hopefully be able to post on Sunday, this is way behind, but oh well. I said I was going to do it so here it is

Ignore the tree trunk legs and focus on the stinky basset in the background. Wanna talk about fat?! Mister has gained 4.9 lbs since moving back in with my parents in November. The vet said he needs to go on an immediate diet so that his health isn’t effected. Welcome to my world, Guinny.

On Saturday I am doing a mini tri at the Ligoner Y. 300 yard swim, 10 miles on the spin bike and 2 miles on the treadmill. Hopefully it will be fun and I wont feel like I wasted a chance to sleep in. That will end the training for my first real week of IM, eh, training. God I hope I don’t sound douchy like so many triathletes do. Not all, but some are cocky and annoying and can’t back it up so I want to punch them in the face. I’ll stop while I’m ahead.

If you haven’t noticed, I’m rambling about a lot of different stuff, even more so that usual. I don’t really have much to say, but I am so happy to be out of my parents house for a few hours so I am going to enjoy my time in this cute coffee shop and sip my green tea  and ramble on. It’s my blog, I can do what I want. Hooray 🙂

The past three nights I have had really vivid, real to life dreams. It’s starting to freak me out. I wont bore you with details, but two out of the three had to deal with changes that will be happening in the intimidate future and I just wonder if they are trying to tell me something.Either that or I need to get back to drinking and my normal self. Jokes.

I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile, and actually did in a previous post, but I didn’t save it and lost the post before it was published so I lost all the links. I want to share a few blogs that I read EVERYDAY. Some are people I know, some are pretend internet friends, but I enjoy reading about what they have to say and I hope you might, too.

howsweeteats.com– I have mentioned Jess blog on here multiple times. In fact, she is the blog that inspired me to start my own. She makes some of the best food you will find on the internet. I am obsessed with her life. Not in a creepy way but in a “crap I wish we were friends in high school so we could hang out because you’re really cool and I think we would be bffs” kinda way. We really did go to the same high school, she was a few years ahead of me and didn’t know each other. Head over there and check out some recipes for fantastic meals and “crumbs” for great laughs.

mealsandmovesblog.com– Janetha is an instagram friend (cute basset!) that I have become fascinated with. She works a full time job, has a husband, social life, and still manages to have one of the most amazing workout ethics and bodies that I have ever seen. She has a slew of healthy recipes and has a really cool life so go check out how she makes it all work.

allenramblings.wordpress.com– Alisa is a friend via my friend Amy and we, along with Alisas husband Tim, went to Germany in December. I read her blog to keep up with their lives (they live in Chicago and we don’t really communicate on a regular basis). Those two are the most in love couple I have ever met. You can really tell that they truly are each others best friend and it makes me hope I find something like that some day. Alisa is a runner with a bum knee training for a marathon, so to see her struggles and triumphs (and bad ass cats and amazing photography) go pay her site a visit.

sweatstudysleeprepeat.wordpress.com– Betty is another instagram turned all forms of social media friend. I have never met her but KNOW I could choose all of her favorite things (food, clothes, music, BASSETS) as I am convinced we are the same person. We have started referring to each other as “internet twins”. Our pinterest boards are virtually identical and we often somehow ending wearing similar clothes and listening to the same music during the day. Shout out to instagram being a great friend connector. Betty is also on a weight loss journey and I am so excited to see where it takes her.

I’m out of tea and out of ideas for talking points so I will sign off and go catch up on all the blogs I have missed this week. Hopefully see you all before next Thursday!


2 Comments on “A week later”

  1. AlisaAllen says:

    16.5 pounds! Holy crap! In about a month???? Holy, holy crap! That’s amazing! Absolutely Amazing! (really, I say ‘amazing’ too much). Keep it up!!! Poor Guinney. Maybe he should go to the gym with you. *ha!* Thanks for the shout out about my blog. You’re so sweet!

    I’ll be checking out those you read too. I’m always looking for new ones to read. I’m unemployed ya know and have gobs and gobs of time on my hands!

  2. Betty says:

    16 lbs! That’s freaking awesome!!!!!!!! So proud! And I’m sure the figure you want will come with time (so stupid when you’re working so hard!) and thanks for the shout out! Guinneys butt is very cute in that picture, even if it is 4 lbs overweight!

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