Typical Thursday post

Sup, fools. (Fools is a term of endearment around here)

A few things to touch on this post:

1. The Mighty Tri Girls have a new member. Welcome to my baby seester, Amy! I am so excited she is joining. Typical of her to want to be just like me (suck that, Amers). It will be fun to experience her first year with her. After attending so many of my mom and I’s races, it will be exciting to have the roles reversed. Sue told me I’m not allowed to boss her around. NO SPECIAL TREATMENT! I boss everyone. (Kidding) Sayya for Captain! (not kidding). She signed up for Trek Pleasant Prairie, WI which is a sprint race and the one that I said  would never go to because 10 hours of driving is just stupid, but I guess Amy is proving me wrong. Now I want to convince her to do the PGH sprint in July when I do the Olympic. Awe. Sisters.

Matt, Amy and I before Pittsburgh Tri last year. This year she’ll have a uniform on too! Awe.

2. January is officially over, which means I have been on this journey for a month. Let’s recap:

-My weight is at 144. I have lost 12 lbs. WOOO

-My clothes fit. Thank God.

-I have not seen outstanding visual evidence of the changes happening to my body, but good things come to those who wait.

-The “diet” hasn’t sucked. I’ve realized I miss the social aspect of going out to eat and drink more than the actual food and beverages (except woodchuck). It also isn’t really a diet as it is being smart about what I put in my body and how much. I have enjoyed finding new healthy foods that I like, rather than the tired old crap all the time.

-I am ready for some longer stuff. Bring it.

3. It’s Woodchuck day! Some people call it groundhog day, but for those of you that aren’t aware, woodchucks and groundhogs are basically the same thing. Thus, WOODCHUCK DAY!!! I have saved two beers for this night! Can’t wait.

4. Sue made me cry. In a good way. She heard this song, started to cry, and thought of me. We have dubbed it my “Ironman song”. Get the tissues. http://www.musicstop.org/mary-j-blige-the-living-proof-lyrics-with-video

5. Testing is OVA!! Cycling test was last night. IT SUCKED. Not the entire thing, but there is a very tough section where you give it everything you got with small rests in between. After, I did an hour spin class. Then my swim workout. Needless to say, after working all day and not eating properly (damn job) my body was pretty fatigued last night Oh, that sounded very fancy and professional. Go Sayya. The legs and “lady bits” are pretty sore today. I’d love to go home and rest and put these suckers up, but alas, no home. ( I am condo shopping. Woof)

6. Last thing.  Last Christmas, my family fostered a dog that was found shot and left for dead in a nearby cemetery.

Here is Star Noel the day after she was found. Emaciated, dehydrated, unable to walk due to her gun shot wounds. She was shot multiple times by a bee bee gun and has pellets all through her. She stayed with my mom for awhile and then with me during her surgery and rehab (She now walks and runs perfectly on all 4 legs). Now, she is in her furever home with Matt’s parents, Darlene and Dale. The littler girl has had quite the life turn around as she is currently on vacation in Florida until April. Here is Star at her home and Christmas, a year and few days after the first picture was taken

And here she is, just a few minutes ago, sent from Matt who is visiting his family down there this week. ( She was pissed she was woken up from her nap on the couch)

She is fat and spoiled now. Moral of this story? She deserves it. And I love her.

I’ll leave you with more cute Star photos

I have no idea what I just did with those photos. Hopefully that blue box that I am seeing will have Baby Star pics, if not, sorry kids.

One Comment on “Typical Thursday post”

  1. betty says:

    yep! they showed up! what a sweet baby and great story! i hate when i hear stories like that about animals.. my dad (who is a landscaper) brought home everything from gerbals to cats when he was cutting this one condo on the bad side of town..

    love your progress.. i really need to start up feb strong. i’m going to be swimsuit ready by may.. that’s my one promise to myself!

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