145, rain, and not much else.

So it’s Thursday, my day off, and here I sit at Barnes and Noble for the sole reason I dont want to be sitting at my house/parents/work. Can’t remember if I mentioned that in the fire post, but I am living with my parents again and their home is where we are running the funeral home office out of. So basically, I literately LIVE at work. It’s not so bad some days, but as much as I just want to lay around on the couch and watch trashy tv and relax after my workouts, I cant, so here I sit. That was a really long explanation as to why I’m posting today when I really dont have much to report. I have NOTHING better to do. Workouts? Check. Grocery shopping? Check. Since I’m saving money for a house, there is no fun shopping anymore, so that’s about all I have to do with today. And of course it’s rainy and freezing out (and January) so taking Guinny to the park is out of the question.

I weighed myself yesterday morning and I am at 145. Down from 156. 11 lbs lost. I don’t weigh myself everyday, usually once a week, but I was just bored/ curious. I was pleasantly surprised but honestly disappointed. I don’t feel like I look like I’ve lost 11 lbs. I see other (taller) friends that are 145 or higher and they are SKINNY! Flat stomachs, thin legs and arms. What the hell? I’m not THAT much shorter than they are?! In some triathlon series, 145 or higher is considered “Athena” aka “we want to be nice and make you feel good but we consider you fat so you can all go compete amongst yourselves” and this ALWAYS pisses me off. I have three friends that are around 6 ft tall and they all hover around 150 and they are BEAN POLES! Skinny skinny, very fit healthy in shape girls. Why is 145 a magical cut off? I think it’s bullshit and unfair.  I do have to hand it to a few girls on my team though, they take advantage of this crap system and race that division when they are totally fast and bad ass and NOT FAT and usually place pretty high. Good for them. Abuse that shitty system!

Am I ranting? Oops. On ward. Most people would probably be discouraged by this lack of visual progress, but I’m not. It’s making me work harder, watch more calories, throw in some extra sets or minutes to workouts. I want to beat my body at this. I NEED to be an after picture. Sick of hearing that yet? Hope not, I need to repeat it to myself. A lot.


Sue decided it would be super cool to get the flu, so she wasn’t at workouts last night. The spin was led by a fellow MTG, Eddie, and she usually does silver spin (65+) so I was a little concerned that it might be a waste of a class for me. I was happy to be proved wrong! Eddie did an amazing job at giving us a great workout while being clear and helpful to the flock of newbies that were there. I am proud to be on a team with her 🙂 Swim was ok, I did my workout but it was a little broken up because I was helping a new teammate, Sarah. (Fear not, I am Sayya, Not worried about having two of us). I work hard on my swim, but it’s hard to tell if I’m doing it right without Sue being there to correct me. Hopefully we’ll get together soon to clean anything up. Run is run. I’m ready for longer and outside. Not hills.  Woof.

Our city news paper, The Jeannette Spirit, did an article on me today about racing. The dude interviewed me back in September, so I have no idea why he decided to run it today. Being that my city is slightly behind the times, there is no website for the paper, but if I find a way to share it, I will. Until then, check out MTGs on YouTube!


That is the newest video for this year, but there are a bunch on there. Including one of yours truly doing an open water sighting instruction.





One Comment on “145, rain, and not much else.”

  1. betty says:

    that’s such an accomplishment!!! i’ve had a crazy start to the year and my emotional eating is in full force. i seriously need to start logging everything i eat into my blog so i am forced to put it all out there. great job, girl!

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