I don’t really have much to say today except that I LOST 10 LBS!!!! *Insert random white girl dance here*

As excited as I am (can you tell?) I have to say, I’m not as happy as I thought I would be. I almost feel like, ok, I lost all the garbage I put on over the holidays, NOW I’m at a decent starting weight and can really start working on my body. Does that make sense? Am I crazy? Losing these 10 have not been easy (I miss beer and wings and going out and cheese and pizza and fries), but I think the hard hard work is still ahead of me.

In other news, I can now do 5 real pushups. Woop woop, right? Are you thinking I’m lame and weak? I see your face. I could never ever, ever ever, ever do pushups. In high school during gym I blamed it on my wrist ( I had a cyst, which I finally got removed, but I couldn’t put a lot of weight on it), but I was also just weak. I can barely do 10 weiney girlie pushups.But today, since this is the start of the last week of my strength training program for this month, I wanted to test myself. Holy crap, I busted out 5 of those bad boys! I was super impressed. I feel like my arms are tighter feeling, but not looking. I was at the pens game on Sunday (where I had water. Just water. No beer or snacks. Dedication people) and I forget how but I touched my upper arm, near the shoulder and it felt hard. That’s new. Thats exactly what I said out loud and got weird looks from people around me. Next week is our first “cut back week” but we are also testing baselines of fitness to determine how our training needs to go. I’m nervous about this. I’m aware I have no real control over it at this point, but I want to do well, if thats even possible? I also am very competitive so I better be fitter than Matt (my Iron buddy. I dragged him into this 3 years ago and now we are becoming Ironman. Awe. Woof. Don’t start.)

I think that’s pretty much all I have today. Sorry the post was so lame, just wanted to share some updated progress. Any suggestions how I could liven this sucker up? I think I have 3 readers (Hey Sue, Amy, and Alisa) and God knows I dont want you guys to be bored.

Sue Quote! ” This one step- choosing a goal and sticking to it- changes everything” (Scott Reed actually said that, but Sue has it on the website and our shirts so she gets credit, too)

If I have random internet friend readers, go visit http://www.trainingwithsue.com!!!

One Comment on “I’VE LOST 10 POUNDS!! I’VE LOST 10 POUNDS!! I’VE LOST 10 POUNDS!!”

  1. AlisaAllen says:

    WOOHOO!!! 10 lbs! That’s awesome. And there is nothing wrong with you thinking it’s not good enough, ya know why? Because if you thought it was good enough you wouldn’t have the determination to keep going. Keep going baby! Of course, the next 10 pounds will be harder, but you candoeeet! 🙂

    As for the push-ups…. that’s 5 more than I can do! I am like you; no upper body strength, but I have noodle arms (or so everyone tells me). I did strength training for 3 months once; never bulked up (even as increased weights) and I still couldn’t do a damn push-up. So you rock! You’re my hero!

    As for spicing up the blog; it’s your blog, it’s your documentary. Write what you want to write that will help you achieve your goal! Write how you feel. Write about the good days (like today) or write about the bad days (where you had a beer). It’s all okay. I’m enjoying it!

    Of course, pictures of your progress couldn’t hurt! 🙂

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