Good Morning!

Hey-ro Children! How are we all on this gloomy craptastic Thursday? I am not a cold weather fan, give me 80 and sunny always, but in the winter if it’s not gonna be warm and sunny, snow. I dont LOVE snow, but I know plenty of people that do and I think they should be able to ski and frolic and do whatever crazy people do in cold snow. AN added bonus is that this year, we have no lot to plow everyday (an upside to your life being destroyed by fire, huh. Who knew?), so as far as I’m concerned, BRING IT! Until March, I need to be outside training in March.

Training! Today, I am what I like to call a “good sore”. I am not in pain or stiff or unable to do things, but just tight enough to know that those muscles have been working and changing. HALLELUIAH! The strength training has been going well. It’s a good hard, if only I could do some FREAKING push-ups?! I mean, honestly, why do those have to be so hard for me? I don’t think I am a physically weak person, I lift dead weight all the time! (Get it? Dead weight? Funeral Director? Har Har! Oh come on, like YOUR funeral home joke is sooo much better) I just don’t understand how I can barely do ONE. Something to work on I guess.

Swimming is like learning to swim all over again. I have always been decent at the swim leg and just when I feel confident in my stoke, Sue points out something else that I could tweak to be faster. I want those critiques, it’s just a lot to wrap my head around. Good thing it’s only January.

Bike. Don’t tell anyone, but I think the spin class last night was designed for me (Thanks, Sue! Everyone say “Hi” to Sue. She is reading this now so I must be on bestest behavior. Oh hell, who am I kidding, if I was, she would think someone else was writing this.) Back to the spin! Last nights class was all anaerobic, which is the phase I need to be in (aka boring) and pretty much the whole class was in the range. Thanks Susan! 😉

Heading back inside to run today before yoga. I am a wimp when it comes to rain and cold. I HATE being sick and I hate running as it is so why would I do it in shitty weather? I wish I went to a fun hip gym with attractive gentleman folk to look at, but I’m stuck at the good ol’ GBG YMCA. Woof.

All of the blogs I read and love and pin are mainly food blogs so I always feel like I need to put something foodie on here, especially since my whole realm of food and portions and everything is change. I won’t bore you with what I eat everyday (unless you guys want that?) but maybe whatever fun, clean, snack I find I’ll share. Here comes the first one!

Spinach Chips!

I became addicted to Kale chips thanks to Jess over at my fave blog I ran out and only had spinach to work with so I gave it a whirl. They were AMAZING! Somehow, they tasted like a normal fat kid potato chip, not at all like spinach. They were also very very light and airy, I LOVED the texture. To make them, I followed Jess’s instructions for Kale chips, just baked them  after the flip for 5 minutes instead of ten. Head over to her to check it out!

I have been doing really well with my eating plan. I have a great app called “My fitness pal” that I keep track of calories taken in vs. burned and it makes it like a fun game. I haven’t felt deprived or hungry in a few day, but tonight will be a HUGE test as I am going out with my two best friends from PIMS (Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science. You’re welcome) to Nakama. I freaking LOVE Nakama. Hibachi is is where it’s at. My game plan is to either go with a brown rice sushi and some edamame or see if there is a steamed veggie option that isnt frying in a vat of oil before its served to me. MMMM fried rice. Yup, this is gonna be hard, but worth it when I’ll look cute the next time we go out (we’re on a once a month plan. They are both funeral directors too and Laura also does movies and Shea is getting married so they have to fit me in to their actual lives. I sit here and wait for people to ask me to do things).

Ok folks, I gotta go get packed up for the day and head out. Have a great one!



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