Spring on Russian Christmas

Merry Orthodox Christmas, kids! I was gonna write it all out in Czech, but no one would get it so whats the point. I am Byzantine, so today is technically my Christmas.  Did I get any gifts today? Only the most bad ass bike ever possible 😀

Warning: Bike Porn Ahead!

Here is a before of my 2011 Cervelo P3

And here are some photos of his upgrades:

All wires are internally routed.

Dura Ace components

Di2 electronic shifting (I push a button to change gears) and red bar tape.


For those of you that have no idea what any of that means, just know that it is my DREAM bike and and I am so so so lucky and in disbelief that I own it. There is not one thing that I could possibly want more and now I really REALLY need to be good enough for the bike. I love him.

In other news, I’m sick. WTF. Not deathly ill, just congested with sore throat and a somehow stuffy yet runny nose. What I hate the most is that I am trying to think ahead and not get more sick so yesterday and today I haven’t done any workouts and have just rested. This is super annoying to me. Usually, I would find any excuse to get out of doing a workout, but since I am really REALLY focused on this weight loss goal, I feel like I am ruining my chances. I am still following my diet, but without the calorie burn its freaking me out. I know that missing two workouts in the pre IM training phase wont impact me in the long run, I just wanted to do every single workout. Blah. I better get over this soon because I dont have patience to miss much more. Also, do you realize how much it SUCKS that it is 60 degrees in January and I have my dream bike staring at me and I can’t go ride it?! I swear sometimes my life is a literal joke. If it is snowy or rainy or cold in April, I’m gonna freak.

Time for sleepy medicine.


One Comment on “Spring on Russian Christmas”

  1. Sue Waldrop says:

    This is great Sara. I can just hear you in all of this. haha
    This is going to be a fun and totally amazing year. Can’t wait to read along.

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