Revelations and other sappy crap

I have a way with words, dont I?

Before we get into heavy stuff, let’s touch on the past few workouts. Spin class was great, it felt good to be on a bike again and I was kind of shocked how much my body wanted to be in aero position. I’ll take that as a good thing. My legs definitely  burned  a little, but it was completely manageable. After spin, I was coerced into the pool. My right shoulder is feeling a bit sore/tight I’m assuming from the strength training (again, HATE pushups). I only did around 800 yards, most of that jacking around, having Sue check my form. I also attempted a few flip turns, to raise my bad ass status, so my throat is all burny today from chocking on water on my first few attempts. After the workouts, Susan and I went for our first post work out beers of the season. The Mighty Tri girls are a very fun team and we often reward our workout efforts with drinks at the bar immediately following said workouts. Local bartenders know which night to look for us. Funny story side note: about 3 years ago, there was a new waitress at the bar we go to on Thursday after our bike ride. All the other employees would tell her is that around 8PM the “bikers” come in. Needless to say, she was very nervous about handling a bunch of rough and tough hard core biker dudes alone on her first night. Imagine her surprise when about 15 woman ranging from 23-63 roll in with lycra bike shorts on. Way to get off topic, Sayya. Anywho, I’m allowed 3 beers a week. I had two last night with my coach. Amen.

I am currently sitting at Barnes and Noble post run/yoga session, waiting for another swim session at a new pool. Well, new to me anyway. PS yoga is freakin HARD when youre super sore and tight. 30 min run today wasn’t bad. I actually even thought to myself at one point “Hey, this doesnt suck. Kinda feels good.” I have no comment about that.

Touchy Feely Time!!! (totally skip this part if you dont give a crap, Lord knows I probably would if I were you)

I realized another reason for my weight loss goal last night. What weight loss goal you ask? Yes, well I guess the time has come to get deep. Here’s the deal kids. I do not have an ideal nor appealing body shape. I never really did, not matter what sport I played or crazy diet my college roommate and I would be on. I was always thinner than I am now, but never muscular or lean. This is the year I NEED to change all that. I am sick of being embarrassed in my tri uniform at races. I have tattoos on my side and upper thigh that I would LOVE to show off at the beach, but I would dare show anyone those parts of my body. I realize that I am not necessarily fat, nor out of shape, but body just isn’t in the shape that  a triathletes should be. Last night at spin, a new girl was there who is thinking about joining the team. I thought to myself “she’s looking around this room and here I am with a USAT championship shirt on and she is probably thinking ‘If she looks like that after doing all this, is it worth it?'” I am Sues business card. I am proof of what an AMAZING trainer/coach she is and how she can change lives. Right now,  I am a poor example of that and she deserves better. I deserve better. I’m sick of deleting pictures because I have an extra chin, or changing 17 times before I go out because I have a visible pouch. I want to look like a triathlete, instead of when I tell people I am they give me the once over and go “really?” I want to feel confident, not self conscience and constantly tugging at my shirt so it isn’t tight about my stomach. Also, imagine how much fast I’ll be when I don’t have all this extra blubber sloshing around all over the place. A 25 year old with cottage cheese thighs is NOT attractive.  I have to change, It’s now or never.

I was hoping the first picture on this blog would be awesome, but instead, I’m embarrassing the piss out of myself by putting a VERY unflattering photo up. This is me going to spinning last night. Again, not obese, just not an athletes body (ignore my messy childhood bedroom, again a whole different depressing post)

So thats it. I could go on and on about my weight issues, but I feel as though I have said enough and I do have a tendency to ramble. Hopefully I’ll have a kick ass after picture



One Comment on “Revelations and other sappy crap”

  1. AlisaAllen says:

    You are not alone in body issues girl! Everyone has them, everyone tries to fix them. I bet by saying it out loud to the blog world, and keeping yourself accountable with this blog, you are going to make it! You are going to get the triathlete body you want. It won’t be easy, in fact, it will be hard as hell, but you have determination and that is what will power you through! Take all your depression, anger, whatever and channel it into being the triathlete you want to be. Good luck!

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