1. I have a reader! (Hey Alisa!) This makes me super excited and also super nervous, cant quit on this little project now!

2. I need pictures. Some of my instagram buds (aka never met in real life but some days I like them better than my real friends) shared their first attempt at blogging with me and they all had pictures. IDK what I am going to take pictures of, but I’ll work on it.

3. I’ve also decided that I’m not going to force myself to write on this thing everyday. Like life, some days I will have more to say than others and there is no sense in just rambling on this page just because I made a rule. I think this will save all our sanity.

4. No real format. However I feel like writing that day, is they style the post will be in. Today I *heart* numbers


Had my first run of the season yesterday. A quick and simple 30 minutes at an easy pace, just to see how the knee and hip would react. I wanted to do it outside but, typical for my life, we had our first real snow of the season Monday night so it put the kibosh on that. I’m not complaining about the snow, we havent had really any all fall/winter and I do live in Western PA so it is to be expected and dealt with. I just get annoyed when it’s mild to semi nice out when I dont need to be outside and when I try to train in say, March, it’s freezing and windy and generally shitty out. But I digress.

Back to the run!

I hate running. It’s boring. It’s sometimes painful. It’s frustrating. In spite of all that, I really do try to like running. I talk nice to myself when I’m doing it ( a habit I formed training for the Florida Half Ironman when I realized that the reason my recent performance had been craptastic was due to equally craptastic attitude during said race). I try to run in pretty or new or interesting places so that I don’t get bored. Running on the treadmill is about as lame as it gets so I play with speeds and inclines to help break it up. Wow, that was a lot of words to say that my first run went ok. Geez.

This morning I did my second strength training session. I have to be honest, I’m afraid I’m either doing it wrong or making it too easy on myself because it didn’t suck. Yes the planks and pushups and ab thingys break me every time, but It wasn’t a constant sufferfest like I was prepared for. I am not delusional enough to think that I am in decent shape and that’s why it’s manageable, so I’m gonna check with Sue tonight at spin class.


I love spin class. I feel like my ass gets kicked and it really REALLY improves my outdoor cycling. Granted, I hate it while I’m in there, but there is no better post workout feeling then getting of that bike completely drenched in sweat. Sexy. I just hope she allows me to do the class and not sit there at an anaerobic pace the whole time. Blah.

Ok kids. Kid? Alisa? Whatever. I think that is enough for now. I’ve already decided what my healthy delicious lunch will be, an adaptation of this Instead of cheese, a fried egg and add onions. So I’m gonna go waste time at “work” until lunch!

Sue quote of the day “Dreams are goals with deadlines” -Love that one


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