In the Beginning…

Welcome! and fasten your seat belts…

This is the story of how a completely ordinary girl (hi!) embarks on a completely extraordinary journey. Dramatic enough for you? I came up with that in the car the other day and it sounded a lot cooler than it does now, but I made a promise to myself that when I decided to start a blog on my IMNY training (oh yeah, that. The reason this blog exists? We’ll get to that.), it would be completely organic. Totally me. No thinking about what others will think when they read this or how I come across. Lets be honest, part of me thinks that I am the only person that will ever read this, but thats ok, but like Ironman, I am doing this blog for me and me alone. As dorky as that sounds, it’s just the way it’s gonna go down around here.

I got the idea to documenting my journey by a combination of things. First, I’m OBSESSED (totally not in a creepy way. At all. Sometimes.) with the blog How Sweet It Is. Jessica, the blogger, and I went to the same high school and while I never knew her, I’m convinced that we could be 100% BFF4L. Her blog is so funny and entertaining and I love that she just says what is on her mind, no matter how lame she thinks it is (Jess, if you ever read this, know people don’t think you’re lame. We want to be you). Oh, and her food is RIDICULOUSLY amazing so you should get over there and check it out. So if you end up enjoying my rambling, you can thank Mrs. HowSweet. The reason I decided to make this a training blow (yep, still aware we haven’t gotten to that part yet) is because of a book called ” You are an Ironman” (insert chills here). It chronicles a few average people training for the hardest single day sport known to man (Ironman, duh) and they all have blogs and it just seemed really cool to me. I have no idea what I’m supposed to write about, or how this will all shake out, but hopefully it will end up being an asset to my mental training.  Ok, enough small talk. Let’s get to some background as to why we’re here.

Starting on January 1st, 2012, I am training to compete in the U.S. Ironman Championships in New York City on August 11,2012. For those of you who dont know what this entails, it is a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride and 26.2 mile run that must be completed in 17 hours. I have been a tri addict for 5 years now, competing in all the other distances of the sport: Sprint (.5 mile swim, 17 mile bike, 3.2 mile run) Olympic or International (1 mile swim, 27 mile bike and 6.2 mile run) and Half Iron (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run).

Why am I doing this? A bunch of reasons (which we will eventually cover), but here are some good ones:

1. It’s bad ass. Not everyone can do this, people have no desire to do this and I thrive off of it. My dream in life is to be an Ironman.

2. This is the event that will define this point in my life. Let me explain. I will be 26 in February. I am not married or dating anyone and I have no children (just a very cuddly basset hound) and on October 7th, my family lost our business, and I, my home, to a fire. Lets re-cap: 26, single, living with parents, no job. A real catch, right? At a time when everything seems lost and hopeless, Ironman is my light. How sappy is that? It’s all I have to be excited about and to look forward to. While most of my friends are getting married and having babies and moving away, I’m focusing on a goal that means more to me than any of that. In spite of everything against me (alas, a separate post as I fear this one is already way to long) I want to be an IRONMAN.

I think that’s enough heavy crap for now. I feel like I just wrote down bunch of incomplete thoughts. Hopefully I’ll get better at this as it goes on. I’m so excited to start this journey and I hope this blog will help to keep me motivated as we as something to look back on when this is all said and done.

Should I incorporate inspirational Sue (my coach) quotes at the end of this? Oh what the hell:

“Most people do not achieve their dreams. Please be that special person that does”


**Quick disclaimer: I really really reallllly don’t care about grammar and punctuation and spelling and all that stuff so if you are one of those people that do. Sorry in advance and get over it. Lift isn’t an English test.

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